Going back to the world of gaming…maybe

Raw Vs Smackdown 2009…I’m going to put this on my to get list for sure. Dual player tag team mode is awesome and it’s the first time the WWE has focused on tag team action in any of their games. The world seems obsessed with first person war games like World of war craft but I’ve always been old school and kept my focus on hand to hand combat games like Mortal combat and Wrestling. This game has almost made me bite on a PS3 but I see that it supports PS2 so I’m still able to get it without updating my console. I still might get the PS3 so I can get online and open a can of Stone Cold on all those internet jobbers!

I’ve been drafted to the Denver Broncos!

Being a long time football fan I’ve collected a decent amount of NFL jerseys. I started off as a die hard John Elway fan and moved on from there. The only problem I see with being a sports fan is the revolving door for players that seemed to be the mainstay now. Gone are the days of the franchise player that stays with a team due to loyalty. Today the almighty dollar makes moving teams the same as changing socks.

So now I’m left with some cool Elway throwback jerseys but I also have a closet full of jerseys for the guys that I thought would stick around but have now moved on to lesser talented teams. My better half asked me what I wanted for my impending birthday and it struck me that I’d like to have an authentic jersey with my name on it. It seems to be the best way to eliminate buying a new jersey every season. Authentic jerseys from the NFL shop run form $250.00 to $300.00 but you know you are getting quality NFL gameday jerseys and not low quality mesh. I thought I wanted the throwback orange but I think I’ll push for the blue home jersey with a nice 52 (linebacker number) number!

Who runs the heat at 90 in July? We do!

I’m currently in the market for a new television and the story as to why might be more interesting than what I’ve decided to upgrade to. My home is almost 100 years old and it has old water radiators that are used for heat. When we got the place it had these old custom build wooden covers made for them that have copper screen on the front. They look very nice and really do a lot to make the radiators look more organic in the home. Well, I decided that it would be cool to sit my 32” LCD television on top of the radiator cover and for two years it worked nicely. We keep our home in the mid 60’s in the winter and it never seemed to cause any issues with the television.

That is, until one day when my son turned the heat up to 90 before we left to go out to dinner. This was in July! When we came home the house was like the face of the sun and the processors in my television were cooked. Once the television cooled down it was usable and for a while there were no noticeable issues with it. When September rolled around and we stopped using air conditioning we noticed that when it got a bit warm (mid 70’s) all of the colors on the Television would turn pastel and blend together. I figured out that when the processors heat up the screen goes fugly.

Due to the fact that we have three radiators there isn’t much wall space for a nice media center so I’m focusing on a wall mounted LCD television around the $2500 range. I value being able to walk into a store and get educated assistance and Best Buy has one heck of a set up going on in their store so I’ll likely go there. I’m an online shopper but an in-store buyer. I found a lot of interesting things about buying televisions on the best buy site. They have a lot of things to consider that really helped me determine the best television for me. From looking on line I think I’m going to go with the Sony Bravia 1080P 52” television but I think going into the store to make my final decision is a must with a purchase this size so time will tell. Oh, and my thermostat now has a lock box around it!

Shopping For…Wedding Bands?

I’m not sure what just happened over the last few months but my girlfriend has been bringing up the subject of marriage lately.  When we got together, we both agreed we didn’t want to get married, we’ve both been married before and well, never again!

I think she spends too much time surfing the ‘net and chatting with her girlfriends becauuse suddenly she’s sending me links to mens wedding bands – while I reciprocate by sending her a link of the latest guitar I want.  Yea, I know, I build guitars but even luthiers buy some once in a while.

Well, I will say, the pictures she sends me of the wedding bands really are nice but I’m definitely not ready to go down that road, again.

Is the jury still out on the T-Mobile G1?

Has anyone else checked out the G1 Google phone from T-Mobile? It runs off their new 3G network and man is it fast. My website has a bunch of pages that are picture heavy and the G1 loaded the page 3 seconds faster than my home computer that’s connected to Mach 7 internet speeds. That’s just sick fast for mobile internet. Then I got into the market place and it has a hundred or so applications that can be downloaded for free. It even had a strobe light that made the screen blink excessively. Not that anyone needs it but it’s the fact that you can have it! I also heard that T-Mobile’s 3G network downloads faster on the G1 than AT&T’s 3G network downloads to the IPhone.