Buyer’s remorse

So I’m curious about buyer’s remorse around the holidays. Has anyone taken anything back a loved one got them simply because they don’t like it or is it better just to put it away and forget about it? I for one love gift receipts because I can quietly return something and get an item that I’d rather have. Now it may be bad on my part but I don’t tell the person I don’t like the gift and that I exchanged it..unless they ask. If they do, I tell them that it broke and the store didn’t have any more so I had to get something else…Okay let the flame fest start!

The big day has come and gone

Well, the big day is over. I hope everyone got what they were wishing for but above all I hope everyone had time to spend with those that mean the most to them. I spent my time with my family and I enjoyed watching everyone open the gifts I got for them.

Sadly, there was no 2009 Honda Pilot under my tree this year! Oh well, maybe next year.

Now it’s time to get out to the stores and find those deals before they are gone. Before reflecting on one of the craziest years in recent memory get out there and milk those retailers for everything they are worth!

Time to Relax?

As I get older I realize that I really am slowing down.  Growing up I was always out riding my 4wheeler, playing in the mud, dodging trees and now?  Not so much!

Lately I find myself wanting to try other things, like gardening, bike riding and golfing.  If my wife reads this, she’ll faint because those things just do not ‘sound’ like me at all!  The golfing could be fun though, who knows, I might even surprise myself and be able to score low, just like the PGA pros!

Maybe I’ll ask for some golf shirts for my birthday, see if my wife’s head spins completely around!

It’s on now..Let it snow!

With a week to go before the big day we’ve finally got a bit of snow for me to try out my new automatic all wheel drive in my 2008 Honda Pilot. You can lock in in 4 low but it really comes into its own when things get slippery.

Ladies, if you are reading this…the new 2009 Honda Pilot is a great buy for your favorite blogger and it’s still not too late to hook me…er “your favorite blogger” up!

Oh well, I’m off  to look for a few snow banks to plow my way through!

To Wii or to PS3 where should I go?

So I’m still on the fence for a new game system. What should I get. A Wii or a PS3? I’ve been a loyal PlayStation fan since it first came out. I don’t have a Blu Ray DVD player yet so the PS3 really appeals to me but on the other hand the Wii Fit sounds like a good way to burn a few pounds while being entertained. I’m expecting to see some post holiday sales out there so I need a good reason to swing from one side of the fence to the other. Anyone got a reason?