A pool table for the big boys!

13A pool table has long stood for elegance in craftsmanship and taste. Little has changed in the technology of pool tables over the last few hundred years so when you see something that stands out it’s worth looking into, especially when it costs about 20 grand! Nottage Design has developed a resin topped pool table that not only stands out, it’s crafted to enhance your billiards play and to show new innovation in a world that has otherwise been the same for a long time. This table is surely out of the reach for many average players but how long will it be before you see some of the great all times billiard players racking up on this table?

Tube clocks- a new wave of old technology!

in14milledflatfront3This is just flat out cool! Every one looking for a gift for someone has said, “they are impossible to buy for” or “what do you buy for the person who has everything?” Well, you buy them a clock made from analog tubes! The day of digital has taken over but some yearn for the good ol’ days where tubes ruled the earth! Now you can give it back to them with this Nixie Tube clock. It’s sure to be a popular gift at any occasion!

Any Zombie fans in your life?

Is that brain crazed zombie fan in your life lacking a bit of culture? Are you having trouble getting them interested in anything other than a Troma film? Well you just might be able to get them to put down their shotgun long enough to get them to read a little book on history!Moviesis a historical look at the famous book with a little bot of zombie action for those who can;t get enough of those flesh eating undead!

It’s time to go big!

As warmer days seem to be peaking around the corner and spring fever is hitting an all time high many people are gearing up for their vacations and weekend outings again. If you are one of those outdoors people then why not just go big this year! Ive personally always wanted an Airsteam to haul behind my souped up H3 Hummer…I’d have to get the Hummer when I get the Airstream! The new Panamerica from Airstream is truly a work of art and a must have for any road traveler or off road enthusiast! It’s almost summer time folks! cd173258fab20536