Let’s hit the slots

p34340bLet’s end the month of novelty with a custom Vegas slot machine. yes, for a novelty item it’s a bit pricey but these things are popular and for anyone who likes to host parties it’s a sure fire hit with everyone. It might also help pay off a little bit of that beer tab…that is if the house is lucky! Even if your guy doesn’t like to throw parties it can service as a lot of fun on those weekends when there is nothing else to do.

Looking to get even?

p35134bWell as we get close to closing out the moth of novelty you might be thinking t yourself that you need to get even with that guy in your life? Why not have a somewhat impolite GPS unit guide your man through the streets of nowhere in a rude manner/ No, this is not an actual GPS unit but it’s one heck of a gag gift for that guy who thinks he knows everything. He’ll be stopping to ask for directions in no time at all!

PetaMall for your animal lovers

Today, instead of a specific gift we’ll give you an idea for that special person in your life. The animal lover Peta activist in your life will surely find something on this site that meets their needs and does not offend their sense of duty to the animal kingdom. Not everyone is easy to buy for and this select group of people can be very difficult so places like PetaMall are essential shopping laces for those people in your life.

Firestix Light Up Drumsticks

fx12-2Is your man a drummer? If so they are likely very picky about what equipment they use. However, when they see their new set of Firestix Light Up Drumsticks they will go nuts for them! Light shows and stage effects are expensive so these drum sticks will go a long way in adding a little something extra into your drummer’s stage show. He’ll be the envy of every guitarist and bassist alike.