Smokey Mountain Cooker

Well the barbecue season is well upon us and we bet that some guy in your life has complained about his BBQ grill at least once! Maybe it’s time that you pick out a Smoky Mountain Cooker to spice up BBQ Sundays around your house! It’s a positive bet that the guy in your lie that likes to BBQ will flip over this gift!

Metal detecting sandals?

Metal detecting has always been a favorite past time for people and for those people like grandpa, that old metal detector could be getting a little to heavy for their own good. So, if your Grandpa likes to go out hunting for lost treasure, think about the Metal detecting sandals! he can go walk all day and not strain his back! This is a cool gift that has the potential to keep on giving!

It’s all over for another year!

Well by now you know that you got another tie for Father’s day! Why is that? Well, because your kids aren’t reading this blog! It’s time to change that. See that URL on the top of the page? Copy it and send it to everyone who didn’t buy you what you were looking for so that mistake doesn’t happen again next year! If you just got the same ugly tie that you got last year: well, now it’s time to go out and get yourself something you like!