Let’s go long!

It’s time to go long, it’s time to go to the top! Get VIP with it! Yes, take your man to the sky box! It’s not going to be cheap but it will be the thrill of a lifetime as you sit back and watch the game in luxury! Most teams hold a certain amount of VIP tickets in reserve and with a little research you can tap the fountain of football greatness with a little VIP treatment!

It’s time to get nostalgic!

Today’s submission is going to be a difficult one but it will be very rewarding. Every fan loves to talk about the history of the game and boast the greatness of their favorite franchise. Ebay tends to be a great place to find artifacts like old championship rings, game footballs and even old high school helmets of their favorite players. This is an awesome way to enhance your loved ones collection!

Are you ready for some football?

This week we are going to focus on FOOTBALL! Yes, if you live with a fan you know that the pre-season is ramping up and training camps have begun! So with this in mind, this weeks submissions will all be football related.

The first submission is a great one for those die hard fans. Most teams have closed or limited practices and they only allow a certain amount of fans to attend their practices. Getting online and accessing your guy’s favorite team’s website will usually yield positive results for ticket availability. Even if his team has open practices it’s likely that he wouldn’t think to go on his own. Taking him would be a great way to get him pumped up for the regular season!

Harley Cross Bones

The Harley Cross bones is a nice throwback to the soft tail that your grandfather will have fond memories of. If you’re guy is an old school traditionalist that never takes his leather jacket off then you can’t go wrong with this retro classic! He’ll be the talk of the clubhouse if he rides up in this bad boy!


Harley Night Train

If you’re looking for your daddy’s Harley then you should just walk on by the Night Train. It’s a super spaced age Harley that departs from all traditional thought and it will be at home in the garage of a progressive thinker that isn’t too proud to own a price of innovation over a piece of History. If your guy sounds like that, then the Harley Night Train is the way to go!