Little Whizzer

Meet the Little Whizzer, the Peeing Boy Liquor Dispenser. No he can’t fix your computer or get an A on his report card. What he can do is serve you up your favorite beverage in a most fun way. Imagine your friends’ faces as their glasses are filled with the Little Whizzer!!

Operation of this very unusual liquor dispenser is as simple as chugging down a shot.

Fill the diamond cut glass bottle at the base. Then simply push the button and voila!!

Have a knockout cup of coffee!

mug-fisticupDo you take your morning brew light and sweet, or are you a hard hitting black coffee type?

Either way, you’ll get a fistful of your favorite beverage with this smashing new Fisticup Metallic Knuckles Coffee Mug. Sleek ivory high-fire ceramic contrasts dramatically with the steely metallic handle. Packaged in a full-color illustrated giftbox.

The Fisticup is the perfect gift mug for a hardass boss, a truly unique & poundable mug when you get angry! (Note: We wouldn’t recommend pounding it too hard or all your might have left is a handle)

Hops Holster

hopsholstermainThe latest in six pack carrying accessories comes in three stylish colors, Apple Red, Royal Blue and Camouflage.

Each drink spot is like a can cooler, so your sixth drink will be just as cold as the first.  Its possible you won’t know the difference by then.

The Hops Holster is perfect for a picnic, a party, tailgating, or the next big sporting event.  Who wants to miss a second of March Madness getting up to get a brew and missing the big shot?  The replay just isn’t the same!!!

The good men Project

The-Good-Men-ProjectOften men are defined by things like their athletic ability or how much they make rather than what kind of father, husband or worker they are. The Good Men Project contains 31 essays that explore the challenges, triumphs and losses that shape our lives and define us as men. These true stories from real men are meant to remind us what’s important and inspire anyone who needs to pick themselves up and take charge of his own life like a real man.