Palladium wedding bands

Let me share a story of my friend’s recent foray into the world of ring shopping. More specifically, wedding ring shopping. He and his fancee took an evening to go to the local mall to look at rings from all the jewelry counters available. They live in a failry rural area, so the shopping mall is a single level shopping center. They started at one end of the mall and gradually looked at every available counter. My friend was not particular in the style of his ring, he wanted something simple and traditional. Well after scouring almost the entire mall, they ended up at the last store. When they got to the counter, the girl pulled out the wedding rings. Then she looked at my friend and came to the conclusion that he must not pull down more than $18,000  a year because she then mentioned that the promise rings were a little farther down. To my friend’s credit, he waited until he got home to vent his offense. I called him the next day and suggested he take a look at some palladium wedding bands. I didn’t think he would go for it since they’re a little more contemporary, but I got an email a few days later thanking me for the suggestions along with a picture of the ring he selected.

Men Scrubs for the Doctor of the family

If you have a man in the family who is in the medical profession, you know how important clean, sterile clothing is to preventing the spread of infection. The problem with a lot of medical scrubs is that most companies adopt a “One size fits all” mentality and as a result, for very few are mens scrubs actually a decent size. For the rest, scrubs are either too big or too small. That’s why this company called medelita is getting involved. They have developed mens scrubs that wear more like a T-shirt than traditional scrubs. The chest pocket is large enough to accommodate a man’s hand, so he never has to worry about reaching for a pen or any other tool he might have in there. The top also has a raised neckline which will give him a more professional look. This look is going to give your special someone more confidence in their appearance, and the patients will become more at ease with the care they are about to receive. As a society, we do judge, for better or worse, on appearance, so why not give your father or brother or cousin a step up and give them a set of mens scrubs.

Mens jewelry

When I got married, I went the route of the more traditional and standard mens rings. I don’t know if these rings were available when I was getting married back in 2003. This tungsten ring is just one of the new fashions in mens jewelry . This thing is absolutely gorgeous. One of the first things I notice when I look at this is the color. I’ve seen white gold rings, but white gold has a different shine to it. This tungsten ring doesn’t shine which makes it stand out more to me. Embedded along the center are a series of black diamonds. I used to work for an insurance company during my summers off during college, and one of my jobs was to fill out forms detailing people’s insurance policies on rings. Needless to say, I got to know the various options when it comes to womens and mens rings. And one of the things I found most interesting was the different colors of diamonds. There’s more than just the standard white. The value of a colored diamonds is evident in this particular ring. While black is a very alluring color for women, it also is a very masculine color to me. I could see someone like Vin Diesel wearing this and it making him look even tougher, if that’s possible.

The French Press Commuter Cup

This is the commuter cup that brews French press coffee or loose-leaf tea. Depressing the built-in screen plunger confines coffee grounds or tea leaves to the bottom of the mug, allowing you to drink only the freshly brewed beverage. The commuter cup’s dual-wall design keeps beverages warm during commutes.

Journals for World Travelers

This Monogrammed Leather Journal offers the perfect repository for whatever crosses your mind. In this age of high-tech communication and instant gratification, sometimes it feels good to handwrite your observations, thoughts and ideas. When you have filled the insert you can remove it in one piece and file away.