Metal Detector

Looking for buried treasure? A metal detector could be of great value to you! They look below the surface for interesting things so you don’t have to dig up so much. Even if you’re not looking for anything in particular, it can be fun to just go around with the detector and see what it picks up. Who knows? You might find an old airplane or something significant like that!

Perfect Pushup

Want a good way to get your upper body in shape ? Then check out the Perfect Pushup! The Perfect Pushup basically enhances pushups, making them more effective. How? The handles sit on the floor and they rotate your arms as you push up, simulating a punch or pressing up on a dumbbell.  The advantages of this added motion are that it involves more muscles than just regular pushups, and it helps reduce strain on your joints. Best of all, it only costs about $30-$40 for a set. Not bad at all considering the price a lot of other exercise equipment goes for.

Leaf Blowers

A very useful tool to have around the house is a leaf blower. These make many common tasks a lot easier. Blowing grass that gets on the driveway after mowing your lawn, blowing dirt off your sidewalk, and of course: blowing leaves. There are many different varieties available. I prefer having a battery powered one for low-power tasks such as blowing debris off the driveway because it’s nice to just be able to turn on the power and get to work. However, a battery powered leaf blower may not work as well for blowing around lots of leaves. For that, I would recommend a gas powered one because they have a little bit more muscle behind them to handle those larger tasks. However, that’s just one man’s opinion. Everyone will think differently.

Bluetooth Headsets

These are really nice because they allow you to talk on the cell phone without having to hold it against your ear. Plus they are required in an increasing number of states if you want to talk and drive at the same time, because they are more safe than having one hand on the wheel. The headsets come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and prices. They also don’t have to be used with just your phone: if your computer has Bluetooth, you can use it as a microphone for Skype and other calling programs. Generally, I recommend Plantronics because they’re comfortable and they have good quality.

Birkenstock Sandals

I know there’s stigmas about Birkenstock sandals, that only hippies wear them. Well, maybe they’re on to something because these sandals are so comfortable! I have flat feet and wear orthotics inside my normal shoes. Regular sandals don’t keep my arch up, but Birkenstocks do. They gradually adapt to your feet and fit you like a glove, making them the most comfortable sandals on the planet. So guys, forget what people may think of you for wearing these: people don’t know what they’re missing.