Electronic Deer Call

If you’re a hunter, you may know how hard it can be to use a deer call. There’s certain techniques that work better than others and they take time to master. To help alleviate some of that learning curve, several companies have been making electronic deer calls. They’re basically a speaker that plays a sound of a deer, and many of them have different buttons that are meant to be used on different types of deer, which makes it advantageous to regular deer calls. Very neat. If you’re a hunter, check it out.

Harley Davidson iPod Docking Station

We all know a Harley fan, and this is a perfect gift for a Harley fan that has an iPod or iPhone. It’s a docking station that looks like the headlights on a Harley Davidson bike. The dock also has a built in charging for your device, a radio, a clock, and an alarm function that allows you to wake or sleep to your iPod, the radio, or (oddly) the sound of a Harley motorcycle. I can see the motorcycle sound for waking up, but for falling asleep? I don’t know about that. The Harley fan in your life will truly appreciate this neat little docking station.

Playstation Move

Sony recently came out with their competitor to the Wii, Playstation Move. Dumb name, but the product itself is not very dumb at all. It’s surprisingly accurate thanks to tons of sensors built into the controller, but the biggest reason for its accuracy: the Playstation Eye camera which watches a round rubber ball on the end of the controller. Based on the conditions in your room, this ball may be a different color in order to differentiate it from the rest of your room’s surroundings. Even without the camera based tracking, it’s surprisingly accurate.

The hardware is nice, but are the games there yet? Well, not quite. There’s Sports Champions, which is a pretty good Wii Sports ripoff with some nice use of the Move technology, Start the Party which has some amazing augmented reality, but not much else, and some others. However, the best titles out right now are Tumble (a $10 download that’s kinda like Jenga), Eyepet (an amazingly cute virtual pet), Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, and Heavy Rain. Kung Fu Rider looks neat too, but not worth the $40 their asking for it.

So, should you get it? Maybe. There’s some good stuff coming out soon like The Fight, Echochrome 2, Killzone 3, Dead Space 2, Dead Space Extraction, MAG, and Socom 4. So, if you don’t have interest in it now, just wait until something you want comes out.

Simply Sleep

If you have problems sleeping at night sometimes, I highly recommend checking out Simply Sleep. It’s basically the sleep medication from Tylenol PM but without the Tylenol. Some nights I just can’t fall asleep for various reasons, be it too much sleep on other nights, or too much thinking about stuff. If I take one of these, I’m usually knocked out in 15-20 minutes. They say the recommended dose is 2, but I find that 1 works just fine, which is surprising since I’m a large guy. What’s also really nice about it is that I’ve never had a problem hearing my alarm in the morning with it, and it doesn’t leave me entirely groggy the next day. Sure, there is some grogginess when I wake up, but it goes away pretty shortly after I’m up for a bit.

Wireless Printers

The world is moving wireless, there’s no denying that. More and more, consumers are doing away with wired networking and moving towards WiFi. Printer companies have really taken advantage of this fact and have made a huge selection of WiFi enabled printers. What’s really nice about them is that they’ve really come down in price, and are now pretty much the same price as a regular old USB one. What’s nice about having a wireless printer is that you can easily print to it from any computer in the house without having to mess around with sharing the printer on a computer since it stands alone on your network. Installation is usually a breeze. Also, it’s really nice to be able to scan images and have them sent over WiFi to your computer and be ready for you by the time you sit back down. I recently made the move to a wireless printer and couldn’t be happier with it. Look into it.