Have your game system nice and organized

If you are anything like me you know you got your gaming system all over the floor and your video games too. If you want to start cleaning up and have things organized so the place looks decent for company buy yourself one of those x cube organization storage unit. The storage unit will have your living room looking neat and ready for the next game battle you have with your buddies.

Dont sit and wonder where your game went have everything set up on your storage unit and have it easily accessible to you.


A gift for her and you but more for you

Who says that guys can’t be spoiled? I have plenty of friends who go to get their nails trimmed and manicured. I have a couple of friends who go with their girlfriends to the spa in Hungtington Beach. I think I might just join them one of these days. I can already see myself bringing a traveling usb kit and getting some work done when I am supposed to be relaxing.

I really do need a massage because I can feel all kinds of tension on my back. I can take the girlfriend and she can get a facial and whatever massage she wants. I bet that would make a great suprise gift. Maybe if I spoil her she will get me this Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Starter Bundle.

You need a spa to relax in at the end of the day

If your place doesnt have a spa dont be too disappointed because you can get a portable spa and have your special someone enjoy the spa with you.

The Mspa B-130 Camaro Bubble Spa is easy to set up and use. Simply find a flat clean area that can support the weight of a spa, spread out the spa, attach the control panel, inflate with the Smart Inflation system, fill with water and allow your Mspa to do the rest. The Smart Inflation system utilizes the spas blower to inflate the spa. The 110-120 Volt AC pump, heater and blower allow this spa to be plugged into any household outlet. No special wiring or plumbing is necessary. The Smart Drain system makes draining your spa a breeze by using the spa’s pump to easily remove the water. This portable spa is the ultimate in convenience. Perfect for small areas or travel. Indoor or outdoor use!  Enjoy the luxury of a hot tub virtually anywhere! Can be used outdoors in temperatures above 40 degrees.

I think everyone should own one of these.

Be ready for those radar checks

If you are one of those drivers who on occasion likes to put petal to the medal, I suggest getting a Cobra 12 Band Ultra Performance Digital Radar/Laser Detector w/ Compass & Voice Alert. You have to be prepared in case there is a radar taking speeds around your area.

You dont want to get caught up and end up with a very expensive ticket and possibly losing your drivers license. Having a digital radar and laser detector might help you out from getting into trouble.