Scanner for the iPad Tablet

My sister got this Scanner for the iPad Tablet for her husband and he just raves about it all the time. He showed me how it works and it looks pretty slick. I am almost debating on getting one.I have four kids and they are always drawing things, and I have so many pictures of them. Being able to put them on my iPad that I take every where would be so much easier then, carrying around the pictures to show friends, or even keeping them at home and worrying about them getting ruined.

It would also make it easier for me to send them to family members around the world through emails, rather then just telling them about what they are up to these days. Especially my husband too, because he is always traveling for work and he misses out on a lot of things, so I could scan and send pictures of our kids in sports or just hanging out for the day to him.  I would also probably use it for keeping my recipes in place and not loosing any of those either.

The Perfect Shaving Mirror

This is perfect for any man out there! My husband got this from his sister and he just loves it. It’s a fogless shaving mirror. He is gets upset when he is trying to get a good shave right out of the shower, and the bathroom mirror is always fogged over. So far he loves it. He has it hanging in the shower and now he says he gets a perfect shave every time because he can see everything better.

The mirror even has a clock on it to keep you on schedule and not late for anything, which is perfect for him,because nine times out of ten he is always late. I love him, but lately if we have to be anywhere by a certain time, like 8:30, I will tell him we have to be there by 8:15, just so we can actually get there on time. I swear he is worse then me for getting ready for something. He loves this mirror and it has everything a guy needs for shaving accessories. It even holds your razor too!

Grass Charging Station

My boyfriend found this charging  station online and he just had to get it.He makes fun of me for having plants in our apartment, and why not just leave them outside, cause they die anyway. He says now we have grass in the house that will never die. It’s funny to have in on the kitchen counter, and when your friends come over, your phone is just sitting in the “grass.” They always question, “Why is your phone in the plants?’

All you have to do, is plug one cable into the bottom of the base, and then just plug in all your electronic devices through the grass and It works pretty well actually. It beats having all of your phone cables lying around all them time and getting in the way. Less hassle and less mess. It’s really genius. Now instead of using the wrong charger, or tangling all your chargers up, you hide all of the cords, and you can do it in a sylish, funny way.

Great Massaging Sit-Up Pillow

Talk about the perfect pregnancy gift. My husband just gave me this and I just love it. When I’ve had a long day I just come home set this massaging pillow up and rest my body. It is amazing. If you are a person who has alot of stress, or even pregnant this is great.

Since I’m pregnant, I get uncomfortable while laying down the whole time, so with this I can just sit up and watch TV comfortably or read a book. It is the perfect massager and it can de-stress me and take away my aches and pains in my lower back. My husband also likes to use it before he goes to bed. It’s so comfortable and I love it.

The Perfect Watch for Him

What a perfect gift for any man. It’s a watch with a bottle opener  attached to it. I got this for my boyfriends birthday and he loved it. It seems like every time you would need a bottle opener, you can never find one. You can pick between a green, yellow, or brown face. I got him the brown faced watch and it looks really nice on him.

He wears this now, every time we go out to a friends place, or out to the lake, or even to some games we go to. It’s always a big hit with his friends and I think he really likes it. He wears it all the time, and really, who wouldn’t love a bottle opener watch. It comes and handy and it looks really nice on. You can’t even tell what it is, and it could pass for a regular nice wearing watch.