Kayak For The Summer

This was a gift I got from my boyfriend. We loving going out and head to the rivers and either float down them or kayak down them. Yes, this is kind of an expensive gift, but it’s so much fun and we love it. You definitely get your use out of it. I am so excited for summer to get here, because now I finally have my own kayak and I don’t have to ride with anyone.

It’s a great time to get out outdoors, and to have a good time. You can go with friends and family and sometimes it can get exciting if the river is high. It’s a relaxing time and it’s just fun to spend time with your friends and family. We always take a huge trip at the end of spring, beginning of summer, and go somewhere camping and we float down the rivers on tubes, kayaks and canoes. It’s a great time and if you like the outdoors, you would love doing this.

Light Up Leash

I’m not going to lie, taking your dog out at night can get scary sometimes. Especially when you have my mind and think of all the scary movies you seen and what can happen to you. My dog is crazy and likes to run whenever he can get outside, but at night I don’t want to be chasing him all around the neighborhood. We found this LED lighted dog leash and it is awesome.

My boyfriends works late at night so I have to take him out and sometimes I just freak myself out, and trying to hold back our huge dog with a flashlight in your hand normally doesn’t work out. The leash features three different light modes for complete visibility, while also being strong, soft, lightweight and water-resistant. I love it and it’s so easy to use! Who knew a leash could come in handy. It’s a great light to see what’s going on around you and so you can see where you are going too!

Moving Out

I just moved into a new apartment and out of my dad’s house. It’s the first time I’ve ever been on my own and I am so excited. For a couple of gifts I got, my dad gave me this really cute pink toaster. I think it is so cool and I just love it. I had my girls come over and help me unpack and get everything settled in, and they think it is so cute.

We had to use it right away and it’s just like a normal toaster, but it is so cool. I love it and it doesn’t make a big mess either. It’s easy to through away the crumbs after a couple uses with a removable tray at the bottom. Living in a new place is scary, but having little gifts from your parents help alot. Old, new, used, or anything from them gives you a little peace at night knowing that it was something of theirs.

Pet Covers For Your Vehicle

My husband came to pick me up at work the other day and he knows how I don’t like the dogs to ride in the vehicle, because they get hair everywhere on the seats. The windows were down and I saw one of our dogs in the backseat and I was just getting ready to yell at him. I got in and I looked in the back and it looked like a giant pillow in the backseat.

He told me it was a back seat pet cover and how it “repels pet hair, dirt, and moisture. I wasn’t to thrilled about it at first, but I’m starting to let loose and not mind it. It’s kind of cute to have all of us in the car and go to the lake or just out somewhere. It does keep from getting the hair all over, and its also pretty easy to clean the little pet cover/pillow too.

GPS System

I decided to go buy my boyfriend a GPS, because he likes to think he knows where he’s going, but nine times out of ten…he doesn’t. We love to go on road trips and we are out on the road all the time, but it’s always nice to have the extra comfort to check where you think you are going.

I didn’t really know much about the GPS systems, but I got the Garmin GPS and so far we really like it. It’s a touch screen, and it can give you voice to voice directions. We usually turn the sound off though, because after a while it can get annoying. He loves the 3D traffic guide, that can help you steer clear of traffic which is a big bonus, because we do not like traffic at all. It’s amazing at what all these things can do. I’m thinking about getting my mom and dad one too, because they are always traveling the country and it definitely comes in handy.