The perfect little clothing option to dress up any outfit. My brother hates dressing up and he always feels like it unnecessary. I gave him this Calvin Klein cardigan to try out for special occasions. At first he told me I wasted my money, but a few days later we went to a wedding and he wore it. He looked so good and alot of women told him that, so ironically, I see him wearing more and more, and NOT for special occasions.

I think guys look good in cardigans, and you look really cleaned up and just clean. They are easy to dress up an outfit and go with anything you can think of. You can wear them to weddings, parties, to work, or just out with friends. I love them and my brother says that are comfortable on too. I’m so glad he is wearing it and he looks great in it!

Pick Up Accessories

I gave my boyfriend for his birthday accessories for his pickup. He already had seat covers and a steering wheel cover, but they needed to be replaces desperately. He had duct tape on half of the seat, and his steering wheel cover had holes in it and was falling apart. I put them in his pickup the morning before he left for work, and he didn’t even notice till he got home that night for supper.

When he finally did notice though, he loved them and was happy to have some new accessories in there. They look really good and I love them. No when I wear shorts, I don’t get duct tape stuck on me. ¬†This is a great idea for any guy. Dress up dad’s vehicle or give it to your boyfriend. Any guy will like them. It just adds an extra pop to their vehicle. Father’s day is coming up next month, and if your looking for ideas, this is a great one.

Great Wedding Shower Gift

This was one of our top favorite gifts me and my husband got for a wedding shower gift. It’s a bed fan! I like a ton of covers on our bed, but he really only likes the sheet and a light weight cover. This fan has worked out really well so far for the both of us. It keeps us both happy and we sleep really well.

It keeps air moving through the sheets and covers for him to stay cool on his side, while I stay just right on my side. It’s a perfect gift to give to any couple. I can guarantee they will use it at some point in time. My son wants one now, because he complains and says that the house is always so hot, so we are going to let him try ours for a few days and see how he likes it. We love it and we sleep so much better to,it was an amazing gift to get.

Grilling Accessories

This is such a handy little grill light. We found it while shopping around for some pool accessories and my husband wanted to try it out. We grill outdoors six out of seven days a week, and on the weekends eating is never on schedule. We have late night parties between us and our kids, and people get hungry at night. You would be amazed at how much people will eat at midnight after swimming the whole day.

The light can pivot around the grill, and you can actually see what you are cooking and to see what needs more time and what is done. You can mount the light right on to your grill and it’s really easy to use. If you know a man that loves to grill, this is a great gift to give. It really does come in handy late at night or even just a closer look at what you are grilling. My husband loves it and uses it all the time now.

NFL Golfing

My dad bought my husband these golf headcovers. They go golfing every Thursday with some other guys and they always have a blast. The headcovers my husband got were of the Dallas Cowboys. That is is favorite NFL team and my dad now has the Steelers has his golf covers. This is a great gift for any football lover out there, you can get a headcover for any team in the NFL.

They love they’re football and have big rivalries¬†between each other on game days. It’s all fun and I’m just happy that we all get to spend time with each other and have a good time. It’s fun to go watch them golf, and I’ve tried it a few times, but I just can’t get into the game. Every time they come home though, they always have had a good time and it’s nice to see. Maybe I should give golfing another try.