What Your Tungsten Ring Says About You

If I had to describe the man in my life it would be: simple, athletic and clean cut. Joe, the man in my life, is into small details that make his style unique. He is into dark colored metal jewelry with unique engraved designs, which are a major trend right now. He hates to shop, like most guys, but likes to look on trend. All of you have your own personal style with your unique personality to match it but what rings you choose actually say something about each and every one of you.

The “no nonsense personality” can be found in the Triton Tungsten Ring collection. You will find a collection of sleek design offset by deep chrome and silver finishes.

The “I’m into looking trendy but not into shopping personality” can be found in the Art Carved Tungsten Ring collection. There, you will find an arrangement of engraved, artistic design and unique touches with different metal colors. The easy slip on, go and still look like rock star are a big contender for most men.

The “Not one to live in the past personality” can be found Triton Tungsten Ring collection. Here you will see an arrangement of classic and sleek designs that are in style forever.

Secure Your Belongings

My boyfriend lives in a house with five different college guys. Since they are in college you can imagine how clean their home is, along with how many parties they have. It may sound ridiculous but installing a security camera for either your home, or either your son or daughters college home, is important. I can’t tell you how many times these guys have gotten expensive things stolen from them after having “friends” over. This just goes to show you can’t trust everyone that walks through your door and that’s scary.

Just yesterday they discovered three missing remotes, a missing golf club and shoes. How random of things to steal but nonetheless keeping your safety and items safe is a major issue. Now I’m sure your thinking that security cameras are expensive for college students but they really aren’t and who can put a price on safety. You never really know who is in your neighborhood, or your home in this matter, so keeping things locked up and surveillance is the answer. Check that off the shopping list!