Linear Actuators–Simple Yet Important

Last week I blogged about a project I was doing for school and about Ball Splines. Well it seems this week we have now incorporated Linear Actuators into the mix. Our project is becoming a lot more complicated and demanding than I originally thought it would be. I’m not complaining because I know this is how the real world will be and I might as well get the practice in now.

Anyways, linear actuators are basically in everything we use, from drawers, to elevators. We may not think of the items needed to work these everyday items but they are there, and they are important. Linear Actuators are interesting to learn about because there are so many different kinds of them: profile rail, round rail, sliding elements, short travel and a lot more (but I don’t want to bore you). Our professor guided us to buy these parts from SMI4Motion, and yes we had to pay for our own stuff! Luckily nothing has been that ridiculous in price and we have learned a lot of info just from the manufacturer themselves about these items.


I wish I would have come up with these a long time ago. Who knew such a simple item would be so useful? For barbeques, pot lucks or just grilling at home we get there grab a beverage and get in line to eat! But most times it is a casual get together and there may not be access to sit at a table. Your hands are full and that food is making your mouth water. It sounds ridiculous but I have been in that situation more than once and only wish I would have been so creative as to think of this quick solution.

This GoPlate is meant for to fit around a glass, bottle or can you have your hands free for the delicousiness. That is what parties are all about right? Access to the brooskies and yummy food? Get this for only $19.00.

Cobalt Chrome vs. Tungsten and Titanium Rings

One major characteristic that Cobalt Chrome has is the bright white premium color. These eye catching bands are new in the ring industry and catch the eyes of many with the bright color. Especially popular in the Men’s Wedding Band industry, cobalt chrome’s bright color is guaranteed to NEVER fade. One advantage Cobalt Chrome rings have over titanium rings is that they are more scratch resistant compared to titanium, but less scratch resistant than Tungsten.

One major benefit you will find with Cobalt Chrome Rings is the ability to size. As you may have heard Tungsten and Titanium rings are difficult, if impossible to re size but you won’t have that trouble with the purchase of a Cobalt Chrome Ring. The weight of Cobalt Chrome weighs in the middle of the weight of Tungsten and Titanium. So it seems not super light but not real heavy either, which is a bonus.

Watches Are Hot!

There are a few key accessories that every man should have including: a statement watch, titanium rings and a nice pair of shoes. Watches are a piece of jewelry that have and always will be in style. With the huge range of styles and designer watches out there is something that appeals to all guys.

If you are an athletic guy opt for a leather band watch, if you like to keep up with the trends opt for a trendy metal watch. Black metal watches are especially hot this season and you will find a ton of them at This one is a customer favorite because of it’s unique rose gold and square style.

The Key To My Project : Ball Splines

Like most guys, I enjoy keeping up with technology and having the latest “toys”. I’m still a student in college and am going into engineering so I’m always curious of the parts that it takes to put my gadgets together. Many people just buy, buy, buy without knowing how their toys are made or the work it takes to make such things. During one of my classes I had a huge project where I had to work with robotics.

I had never worked with robotics and thought it was going to be much more difficult than it actually was. If it wasn’t for ball splines I would have never made it through my project. Ball splines are a special type of linear motion bearing that provides linear friction-less linear motion and also transmits torque. The difference between a shaft and a bushing is that a shaft is free to move up and down and is free to rotate.