An iPhone Case to Protect His Phone from Everything!



My guy has gone through more cell phones than I can keep track of. He is always such a busy-body and us doing one activity after another. He loves working on things in the garage, riding motorcycle, playing his favorite sports (hockey, baseball, golf and lacrosse), hunting and going to the shooting range, and  SO much more. I feel like he can never sit still and I’m quite okay with this. It’s better than having a lazy couch potato at home!

Right now, he has an iPhone 5. We had to make sure to sign up for the insurance plan that our cell phone provider offers. However, since this insurance plan still involves an out-of-pocket deductible, I made sure to get a case for it. We decided on the iPhone 5 Ballistic Aspira Series Case. This case provides industry leading protection with a raised lip for screen protection and durable rubber to absorb shock. Let’s hope this case holds up to his busy lifestyle!

For The Guy That’s Ready to Start Summer Projects: Rotors and More



Sometimes my head spins with the stuff that my guy talks about. I don’t always get it, but sometimes I just nod and pretend that it’s the most interesting things in the world. Maybe this isn’t one hundred percent honest, but hey…he’s sure happy and I am, too!

Now that the weather has finally taken a turn for the better, Alex is getting antsy to get a lot of projects done that he’s been putting off all winter long. First off, before the grass starts growing for the season, he’s going to finish fixing up our lawnmower. Last season, we had a little bit of a setback with it and he’s hoping to get it up and running so that we don’t have to go out and buy a whole new one.

Well, when he started talking about the various things he had to fix, this was just one of those times that I didn’t understand anything he was saying. All I know is that he wanted to go online to order parts because it’s a lot easier. He went online yesterday and ordered rotors, weed trimmer replacement string, and a wiring harness.


My Guy Would LOVE a Star Wars Bottle Opener

Blog-bottle opener


My guy is one of the BIGGEST Star Wars fans I’ve ever met. One our first date, he actually asked me if I had seen the movies (not just one of the movies, mind you, but ALL of the movies). I thought this was a little strange at first, but then I realized he just has a passion for them like I have a passion for the TV show Friends (why, oh WHY did they have to stop making new episodes!?!?).

Anyway, because of his “healthy” obsession, he’s really easy to shop for. If I see anything Star Wars, I pretty much know that he’s going to like it. This is a win-win situation because I look like the world’s greatest gift-giver and he’s happy!

I found this Star Wars Millenium Falcon bottle opener on Pinterest and instantly knew I had to get it for him. I love it!


Check Out These Wedding Rings Orange County Has for Guys

Simone & Son-Men's Wedding Band


Let’s face it, there aren’t a ton of wedding rings out there for guys. When it comes to trying to find jewelry for men, it can be a bit of a pain. It can be almost as painful as it is to take a guy shopping for anything, let alone jewelry. It’s like pulling teeth when I try to take Alex out to shop for clothes, shoes, stuff for the house, and well…just about anything.

When a business has a website that we can shop from right in our own home he almost seems to enjoy it. This is a win-win situation! This means no walking around a store with a complaining guy AND I don’t even have to get out of my sweatpants to leave the house. :)

These wedding rings Orange County has for guys can be purchased anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home simply by visiting their website (which is FULL of great wedding bands for guys). They also have beautiful rings for women if you’d like to check something out for yourself as well.

Men’s Leather Travel Tie Holder

Whether or not your are a fan of Scott Disick, you have to admit that he is a great dresser. If you watch the E! Channel or follow the Kardashians on Twitter, you’ve probably seen him out and about. He almost always has a suit on and is always dressed to a “T”. I’ve never seen him wear the same necktie or bowtie, he has so many!

Blog-Scott Disick

If you know a well-dressed guy that also has a huge collection of bowties and/or neckties, that you know how important it is to take good care of them. This leather tie holder is great for traveling or storage in the home. Your well-dressed man can be stylish on the road, as well!

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