Custom Engagement Rings are the Way To Go

Ok men, here is the deal on custom engagement rings, ladies love them! It means you didn’t just go to the store and pick something out, you spent time thinking of something original and meaningful to propose to the lady in your life. When customizing an engagement ring small details can be added like an inspription, or you can hand pick a stone then find the perfect band to fit your lady’s hand forever. You can start from scratch and draw up a plan that the jeweler can follow as well. This type of customizing is easier and more affordable than it used to be.

ringBecause of modern technology customized rings can be ordered across the country. Plans can be emailed and vivid picture can be sent for previews. With a little planning on your part there is every possibility of being able to present your future wife with a customized ring. It is almost a guarantee of getting  YES from her.

If it is family heirloom you want to propose with that can also be made over, remodeled if you will. Ideas to try are inscription, adding a colored stone, or a ring wrap.I know I want to be able to tell my fiancee that I choose this ring special for her because she means so much to me.



Kringle Candles Aren’t Just for Women!

The Lamp Stand-Kringle Candles


Most people think that candles are feminine but this is far from true. Many guys that I know enjoy a candle burning in their home for the fresh scent and the cozy feeling that it gives the house.

Kringle Candles has a ton of scents that are fresh or fruity. They carry flowery scents too, but we’ll save those for the ladies. With scents like, “Vanilla Mint”, “Warm Cotton”, “Vanilla Lavender”, “Under the Sea”, “Splash”, “Tangerine”, “Rainy Day”, “Spice Apple”, “Hot Chocolate” and so much more, it’s easy to find a guy-friendly scent.

These candles would make great gifts for housewarming, birthday, wedding, thank-you, congratulatory, or just because!

This Huntsman Swiss Army Knife is Perfect For the Outdoorsman



I created a new word, and it has yet to be seen on Urban Dictionary. It’s “guy-tivities” and it means: the activities that guys love to do. This includes: videogames, drinking beer, watching sports, playing sports, talking about sports, talking about watching or playing sports, hunting, sleeping, grilling, hiking, and canoeing. These “guy-tivities” are of course not exclusive just to males, and aren’t true of every guy.

I found this Huntsman Swiss Army Knife and knew it would be perfect for a number of “guy-tivities”. It has two blades (large and small), a can opener, a screwdriver, wood saw, scissors, toothpick, tweezers and a key ring!

Clothing for Your Custom Exhibit Builders

mens wear

If you have a job in marketing or advertising you know the power of a trade show. Not only do they give you access to those within your industry, but they also allow you to showcase your business, allowing for more branding. What’s even better than a trade show? Custom exhibit builders. They allow for even more customization, also playing in the branding role. Isn’t that always the main goal? If you hold a profession you also know the importance of dress. There have been countless times where I have seen men go in for an interview in khakis and a polo, nu uh guys that doesn’t cut it. If you want to play the part and look the role, keep these professional dress tips in mind. This is for all the guys out there!

  • Wear a suit and tie! Just do it. I know it’s not the most comfortable but it gives off a professional vibe. Make sure your tie goes to the top of your pant line.
  • Ignore trends: don’t get caught up in what’s trendy right now. Keep a classic black/navy blue/or grey suit on hands at all times
  • Keep white and light blue button down shirts on hand at all times, they go with everything and will never go out of style
  • NEVER wear ripped jeans. Even if your employer has “casual Fridays” wear dark denim with a dress shirt, keep those ripped jeans around for weekend wear.

S’mores Makers for the Guy That Loves to Grill And Camp



My man LOVES to grill out and camp. Now that summer is here, we are already making plans for camping trips throughout the season. We have been grilling out almost every night that the weather cooperates (it’s not very fun to grill out when it’s raining).

Of course I’ve been searching all over for camping and grilling accessories to update and expand our collection. Once  I found this S’mores maker for the grill, I knew I had to get it. I can already taste the crunchy graham crackers, the gooey, warm marshmallows and the melted, sweet milk chocolate. practically drooling here!

This is a must-have product for the guys (and gals) that love being outdoors, cooking over the fire, and fire up the grill during summer months.