An Ear and Nose Trimmer for Him

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My boyfriend just celebrated his 27th birthday. We had a blast! Our friends came over for some grilling (of course…) and we had a campfire out in the yard. We set up the bean bag toss game and played some bocce ball as well. I can definitely say that fun was had by all!

I always tease him because he is 4 years older than me. I tell him that he’s getting “so old” and that I should’ve got him a cane for his birthday. Of course, this is a complete joke as 27 is SUPER young!

However, as guys get older, they DO tend to grow more hair in their ears and nose. It’s very common and sometimes happen younger, depending on their hair growth pattern. this ear and nose trimmer is perfect to get that hard to reach hair. It’s small and super easy to control!

Didn’t Plan Well? Try Waxing Poetic Charms for Quick Gift Ideas

There are times in life when you lose track of what day it is. Whether a holiday is coming up, anniversary or other special occasion sometimes you are just ill prepared. That is why I started to give Waxing Poetic Charms as gifts. They are great for many occasions with a variety of designs. In addition to necklace charms there are charms for bracelets, earrings and even rings. They are made for men and women. There are tons of initial charms with many different styles from Gothic to baby to crest styles. In addition to the initial charms Waxing Poetic Charms come in many other shapes.


I gave a few family members necklaces or bracelets and now when I need a quick gift for them I just pick out another charm to add to it. It is fun to build up a few and switch them out for different occasions and seasons. There are new charms designed all the time so there is always something different. The inspirational charms are very fun to read.

I like to give presents that have some thought and meaning to them and with Waxing Poetic Charms even when I am running low on time I can find something that looks like it isn’t a last minute gift.


Great Gear for Grilling at CHEFS

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As most of you know, we’ve been grilling more than ever. This means that I’ve been constantly looking for awesome new accessories, tools, and recipes to really maximize our grilling experience.

Just when I thought I found it all, I came across the HUGE collection from CHEFS. They have some extremely unique and useful finds! They have pages and pages of items, including these awesome items: kabob baskets, an LED barbecue grill light, kabob skewers, a nonstick rib rack, a stainless steel hot dog roller, a potato grill rack, grill cleaners, gloves, and even grilling goggles!

What are some of your favorite finds when it comes to grilling? I would love for you to share them! I’m sure there are WAY more things out there than I have found.

Even Guys Like These Massages in Orange County!

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For so long, massage therapy was seen primarily as a “girly” thing. Now, more and more guys are making appointments to get massages and it’s easy to see why. Massage therapy is beneficial for many reasons: it provides relaxation, increases circulation, heals injured tissue, and so much more.

My favorite place to get massages in Orange County is CloudMover Day Spa. I go there all of the time! They have a great selection of body treatments and massage therapy options. I feel right at home there! I see guys come in there all of the time for massages and even got my dad a gift certificate there for Father’s Day. He loved it and now comes back all of the time!


Every Guy Needs a Man Cave! Check Out These Man Cave Ideas

I’m a huge fan of the website Houzz. It’s a great way to look through THOUSANDS of pictures to give ideas for home decor. You can search anything on here for ideas for decor for ANY aspect of your home: bathrooms, bedrooms, home office, kitchens, patios, yards, landscaping, foyers, and my recent favorite…man caves!

Every guy needs a man cave. It’s the perfect place to go relax, unwind, and spend time there with his guy friends. It’s also nice when the guys get together in their own space. Here are some AWESOME man caves I’ve seen on here:

blog-mc1 blog-mc2 blog-mc4 blog-mc5 blog-mc33


Aren’t these AWESOME!? What’s your favorite one?