These Facials Orange County Has to Offer Aren’t Just for Women!




Elevated view of a young man getting a facial

Have you ever gotten a facial? I have and they are amazing! I feel so rejuvenated afterwards. My skin has a fresh “glow” afterward. And not to feel left out guys…these facials Orange County has to offer at CloudMover Day Spa aren’t just for women! These customized facials delivered by their knowledgeable and professional staff are out of this world!

You can also check out the other great treatments that CloudMover has to offer if facials aren’t for you or if you’d like to try out some different options. Heck, we all need to get pampered once in awhile! Among facials they offer spray tanning (customized), body wraps, massages, infrared sauna treatments, brow tints, waxing and so much more. Make your appointment today! You can easily schedule it online.


Great Ideas for Gifts From Trade Show Exhibits

I was recently at a trade show for a hunting and conservation group. There are so many new cool products out there for the outdoors person. Not just the outdoorsnman anymore. Did you know that there are more and more products out there for the outdoor sports that are made to fit a woman? Camouflage clothing  isn’t just made for a man anymore. Women’s outdoor clothing is very important to her performance. Being able to move easier and being more comfortable out in the field plays a big role in outdoor sports. At these trade show exhibits I saw really nice vests, jackets, base layers, bibs, and many different types of footwear. Yes the companies out there are now speaking to a lady who likes lots of shoes!

camo boot pants top













So after the trade show I was thinking of what a great way to bond with your loved one it would be to try out an outdoor sport. Men, if you want to spend more time with the woman in your life, try going to Cabela’s and getting her a few new pieces of gear made for her and invite her along next time you go scouting or to go fishing. It would be a wonderful way for two people to have some quality quite time together. You could also take her to the store and let her pick her own gear, she is sure to be as impressed with the selection as I was.

A Charger Case For The Guy That’s Always On The Go

blog-charger case blog-CHARGER case


When it comes to guys that are always on the go, it’s nice to get them something that they can use to help them along the way.

I was browsing around on the Solutions website the other day and came across this charger case. This is a way to travel smart by storing cords, chargers, accessories, and even the device itself. It has four separate compartments so that the gadgets and cords can stay safe. I really like the earphone pocket!

This bag zips all the way closed and comes with a carry on strap that can be used if preferred. This case is made of neoprene, so it can stretch to accommodate a variety of accessories. It is also machine washable!

Don’t you think this is the ultimate product for the guy that likes to travel? I sure do!

The Best Massages Huntington Beach Has to Offer Aren’t Just for Women!

Happy man getting massage at spa


Massage is a therapy that is often thought of as a feminine treatment. This couldn’t be further from the truth! It really bothers me when men feel that they will get ridiculed or judged for doing something that is a common female activity.

I go to CloudMover Day Spa for my massages and other body treatments and absolutely love it there! I really like that when I go in there, I often see men in the waiting room. They know where it’s at! It’s true: the best massages Huntington Beach has to offer aren’t just for women. :)

There are SO many benefits to massage that if you haven’t yet discovered them for yourself, I would definitely recommend that you check them out!


The Cutest Baby Halloween Costume!



Etsy is one of my favorite sites to shop from. I feel like it’s WAY better to shop online than anywhere else because you avoid the crowds and the lines. The only thing I must say that I don’t like about it is waiting for the shipping! I’m a very antsy person, so it drives me nuts to wait sometimes.

Halloween is coming up just around the corner and I’m getting pretty excited. While browsing around on Etsy today I found this super cute R2D2 Halloween costume for babies. I think it’s just adorable!

Daddies and mommies that love Star Wars would have a fun time dressing their little one up in this costume. If it gets chilly where you live, you can always add some white stretchy pants for warmth and comfort.