This iPhone 5S is a Must-Have

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I’m a huge fan of Apple products. I have a MacBook laptop that I use for everything from the simplest of tasks to ones that I find quite complicated. I also have an iPad and an iPhone 4S. I love how I can run my iCloud account and everything is able to be synced. It’s super convenient!

My contract with Verizon Wireless is up and it’s time for me to get a new phone. I really want to stay with Apple, so I’m going to get the iPhone 5S.  This has some awesome features including a fingerprint sensor, a dual LED flash, is only 7.6 mm deep and weighs just 122 grams! The operating system is also up to date with the latest and greatest technology.

If your guys loves technology as much as mine does, this new iPhone might be worth checking out!

I’m Making Him an Appointment For Some Waxing in Huntington Beach Before Our Trip!



In just three weeks from now, I will be sitting on the beautiful beaches in the Bahamas with my swimsuit on and a nice cold drink in my hand. I am more than excited and have been waiting for this for quite a few months now. I’ve heard somewhere that planning, packing for, and anticipating a vacation builds up almost as much happiness for a person than actually taking the trip. I beg to differ, as I will be much happier laying on the beach than packing my bags, but I’ll let that person think that they’re right. :)

There’s not that much left to do except print out our flight information the night before we leave, pick up a few odds and ends (travel-sized items) and go to our appointments that I made at CloudMover. This is a day spa that I go to for massages and waxing. It’s going to be a bit of a painful day when we have our appointments as I am getting my legs done and my husband is getting his chest waxed. He’s really glad that this waxing in Huntington Beach isn’t just for women because he sees guys in there all of the time when he goes. At least we won’t have to pack a razor for this trip! Who wants to shave on vacation anyway?

Find Athletic Shoes For Him at Finish Line

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Can you tell I’ve been in shoe shopping mode lately? I apologize for the numerous posts about them, but I’m trying to get some Christmas shopping done (as Christmas is just a little over two months away). My guy is super athletic, so I feel like it never hurts to add to his collection of running shoes.

Finish Line is one of my go-to places for my own running shoes. They carry Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, Puma, Mizuno, Adidas, Jordan, Converse, New Balance, and so much more. They have competitive pricing and the occasional sale.

I love their men’s line and it’s easy to search for shoes by genre (running, basketball, casual, workout, sandals, boots or cleats) or by brand. They also have quite the selection of sale shoes right now!


A Great Collection of Stators For His Project



My guy has been trying to explain to me what project he’s been working on for weeks now. It sounds SO complicated and I’m glad I don’t have to help!

Today, he found the place where he’s going to get the major part of his project at. He’s been looking for awhile for a place to get stators and after talking to the employees at Windings, he’s sold! Not only do they have the parts he’s looking for, but they helped him with his project development process as well. He was really thankful for this as I really can’t offer much help!

Maybe when these get shipped to us, I’ll be able to learn a little more and finally feel like I understand what he’s doing! Until then, I’ll enjoy my night laying on the couch and watching The Voice!

Nordstrom Has a Great Fall Coat Collection for Guys

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Can you tell I’ve been in a men’s clothing mood lately? I figure that it’s appropriate with the change of season. I always like to clean out my closet and change up my wardrobe with the seasons change, so why not post some ideas to get the guys out there rolling with this?

I went into Nordstrom the other day (I don’t try to do this often, as the place is quite expensive) and saw their awesome selection of men’s fall coats and jackets. These are super trendy and they can easily be worn in the fall and spring and on warmer winter days (depending on where you live).

They have quite the price range in their line of men’s clothing, so I recommend shopping by price. Otherwise, you may find something, fall in love with it, and realize that you don’t want to spend that much on it!