He’s Going To Love Getting This Movie in His Stocking

blog-now you see me


Have you seen the movie “Now You See Me?”. If you haven’t, it’s definitely worth checking out. I’ve watched this three times since it’s been released on DVD (I rented it from Redbox every time) and it just never gets old. I’m thinking I should just buy it soon and I know a couple of people that like it just as much as I do that are going to be getting it in their Christmas stockings!

Without giving too much away, it’s about four magicians that pull of some AMAZING things. And if you’re a little hesitant about sci fi movies like I am, it’s not like that at all. When I heard “magic” I thought of that, but it’s a really great mystery, action, suspense movie.

DVDs and Blu Rays make GREAT stocking stuffers. Check out some of the new releases before Christmas!



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