Target Has a Great Selection of Sports Apparel



If you think at all like I do, you wouldn’t think of Target as the first store to have a huge selection of sports apparel. However, this is far from the truth!

Target has things representing the NBA, NFL, NCAA, MLB, and the NHL. They carry apparel (for kids, babies, men and women), home decor, sports equipment, tailgating gear, and even Pillow Pets!

In your local Target store, you will find a lot of the apparel and gear of your local and state sport’s teams, but if you cheer for a team that isn’t where your from, you can order that team’s items online.

Check out Target’s Fan Shop and see for yourself!

New Apartment Complexes & Elavator Manufacturer

My boyfriend is in an apprentice program to become an electrician. He is part of the union and is always working on and in different buildings. He recently was moved to work on a new apartment complex helping to install wiring throughout. I think he is really enjoying the job, after working 2 part time jobs he is finally doing a full time job he loves.

He is beginning to work closely with elevator manufacturer companies installing elevators. I have driven past the building he works on and can’t believe how large it is! I would love to see what he does on a daily basis.

A Great and Funny Read



There’s almost nothing I love more than a great read. Whether it’s suspense, a quick and easy “beach read”, a romance novel, a non-fiction, or a comedy book–I love them all and will give them all a chance!

I love the first Anchorman movie and I’m super excited to go see the second one in theaters. Will Ferrell is one of my favorite actors and comedians so you can imagine my excitement when I saw that there was a “Ron Burgundy” book coming out. It’s called “Let Me Off At The Top“. It’s an autobiography (which is not one of my typical reads) but it got my attention. I got my guy this as one of his Christmas gifts and decided to pick it up one night and read a little bit out of it. I laughed so hard in the 20 minutes that I read it that I just had to go out yesterday and pick up a copy for myself!


This Unique Knife Set is Perfect For the Bar Area



Can you believe the Christmas has already come and gone? It seems like the holiday season flies by after months and months of anticipation and planning (if you’re me, anyway).

Some people, however, still have holiday celebrations coming up. When Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fall in the middle of the week, it can get hard for families to travel, gather and celebrate during the work week.

I have one celebration left this weekend and ordered this knife set for my brother, who just built a bar in the basement of their home a couple of months ago. This is a unique knife set because of the way it’s shaped. I thought it would be perfect for the bar area because it doesn’t take up a lot of room. I also love how modern it looks and think it will go perfectly with their existing decor.

Last Minute Shopping Time For Guys!

Full length portrait of a happy man pushing a shopping cart full

Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve! As it does every year, Christmas has truly snuck up on us. I feel like there is so much anticipation for this holiday and before we know it, it’s come and gone. If the men in your family are like the men in my family, they just ate a quick breakfast and are headed out to START their Christmas shopping. That’s right… they are “those guys” that are strolling around the mall the day before Christmas trying to get their shopping done. All while my gifts sit under the tree, purchased weeks ago and wrapped days ago. They never learn, do they? :)

What are your plans for the big holiday? We are having brunch tomorrow and a small family celebration before heading out to see the rest of the family. I really hope the weather cooperates and the roads stay safe for travel!

Merry Christmas to you all! Blessings to you and yours.