Anther Date Night Idea: A Dinner at Applebee’s

Last night, I went out to eat at Applebee’s. This is one of my favorite restaurants because they have fantastic food, you can find one in almost any town you travel to (it’s comforting to find something recognizable) and it’s casual without being too laid back.



Even though I know that I can always find my favorite menu items at Applebee’s, they are always adding new promotional meals and fun new appetizers and drinks to try to accompany the meal. Last night, I tried the new Roma Pepper Steak (which is only 510 calories…so it fits my diet perfectly) and it was fantastic!

A night out to eat at Applebee’s is a great date night idea with your man. It’s a fun atmosphere and he’ll probably love all of the big screen TV’s with sports on, too.


Tickets For a Sporting Event Are Always a Great Idea in My Book



I’m an unusual woman in that I love watching sports. Apparently this isn’t common, but I grew up with a father who was a football coach and a grandfather who was a basketball coach. There was always sports on in our house growing up so my choice was to either learn to love them or be constantly bored by the things on TV.

If you can’t come up with a great gift for a guy and he likes sports, then a sporting event makes for a perfect gift. You can get him tickets to a sporting event to go with his buddies, or take him there yourself and make a date out of it. I love this idea and think that he will too!

This Slider Maker Kit is Great For a Crowd



I am so excited for summer to arrive. It is my favorite season because I love being able to grill out almost every single night. Every spring I go online and look up new recipes that I can make on the grill. I look forward to grilling whether it’s in the backyard, tailgating, camping, or in a park somewhere.

I found this slider maker kit and think that it would be the perfect accessory to add to our collection of grilling products. With this, you can fit a ton of sliders (mini hamburgers) in one spot and have the ability to flip them all at the same time. This makes hosting get-togethers and parties a lot easier!

The Key to Shopping with Men, Lure them with Beer, Motors, and Elevator Service

So I am a woman blogging on this Men’s shopping bag blog today to let you know when you want to get your man to go shopping with you give him an incentive to do so. Guys love girls, they love motors, they love beer, they love sandwiches. If you can convince  your guy that he will be getting a few of those things on a shopping trip, he will go, and a little promise of a reward after shopping will seal the deal.

I recently had to do some shopping for a couple weddings I needed to attend and I did not want to go alone. I came up with a plan my guy could not resist, I told him that the Elevator Service company just installed the fastest elevator from the first floor to the fifth floor at our mall, I also threw something in about the new great sandwich shop I went to but along the way I was having to duck by the remote control airplane and helicopter display and it was “so annoying”. He bought it hook line and sinker, BAM I had a shopping partner for the day and we had one heck of a time. Let’s just say I got what I wanted and so did he.

Another Great Valentine’s Day Gift He’ll Love

blog-shave bundle


Have you ever been to Mall of America? I went there last week with my guy when we were in the Twin Cities for another event. I haven’t been to this massive mall in years and was looking forward to checking it out again–it never ceases to amaze me. We walked by an old-fashioned shaving bar and he showed interest so we decided to stop in. He ended up getting an old-fashioned shave and it was really cool! He said that his face hasn’t felt that smooth and soft in years and I have to admit that kissing him felt awesome. ;)

While searching online I found this Imperial Barber Shave Bundle and want to pick it up for him for Valentine’s Day. This was as close to old-fashioned as I could get and I think that he’s going to love this and get a lot of use out of it!