Delivery Man is a Great Movie!

dmMy guy and I love funny movies. We like to have date nights at least once a week. We’re so busy that it’s important to dedicate a night to spend together. Sometimes we go out to dinner, but most often we just rent a movie, make some shakes in the blender, and order a pizza! I know, we’re really healthy. ;)

Last week we rented “Delivery Man”. It came out last week and we wanted to check it out right away. We have a shared love for Vince Vaughn. We both really liked the movie and I think it’s something that we are going to buy in the store and add to our at-home DVD collection.

This movie would make a great gift for guys that love comedies. Father’s Day is coming up in the next couple of months, so here’s a great idea!

A Travel Case for His Golf Clubs is Just What He Needs

blog-travelMy guy absolutely loves to golf. We have a lot of fun  going golfing and spending time together out on the course. It’s so relaxing and I’m really glad he taught me how to golf!

We are wanting to get into traveling a little more and finding some cool courses. We’ve been talking about it quite a bit lately and I think with his birthday coming up, it would be a great opportunity to get him a travel case for his clubs. This has wheels and makes bringing golf clubs to different places easy. This can easily be brought to the airport and checked in with the other luggage.

I really like this Samsonite molded travel case. A friend of ours has one and really likes it!

Wanelo Has Great Products for Guys, Too!



I was spending my evening broswing around Wanelo, which is one of my newest hobbies. I love this website because they have a ton of great products that link to websites where they can actually be purchased (whereas with Pinterest, you can be linked to almost any website that’s not always legitimate!)

Well anyway, I always thought of Wanelo as a website that had mostly clothes for women, kids and of course products for the home (my absolute FAVORITE). However, I discovered tonight on my homepage that they actually have a ton of great guys products. They have an entire category dedicated to menswear and have a ton of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and so much more.

Are you on Wanelo? If so, share some of your favorite products and categories on here!

This Charcoal Grill Will Make a Fantastic Edition to Our Patio

grillSpring is officially here! Whether or not the weather makes it actually seem like spring, the calendar seems to say that it is.

One of my favorite things to do in the spring and summer is grill out. I think it’s so fun to sit out with a couple of friends and be able to enjoy the sunshine, cook up some great things on the grill, and enioy company. Sometimes after grilling, we start a fire in the pit in the backyard.

I found this grill at Home Depot. Since it’s definitely time for an update and it seems like the perfect time, I think that his birthday would be the perfect opportunity to get him a new grill. Plus, if I buy this for him, I’ll get plenty of use out of it, too! I really like this charcoal grill from Home Depot and think he will too!

He’s So Impressed With This Collection of Coil Windings!

Windings--Moving Coil Motors


My guy always seems to be working on something or another and unfortunately most of the time I don’t even realize what it is. I’m pretty thankful that we finally built a tool shed on the property so that he can work on his stuff out there which conveniently leaves me a spot in the garage to park my car (which is much-appreciated with the weather isn’t so nice).

He’s been looking around for what seems like ever for quality parts for his latest project. Not only did he find them, but he ordered these coil windings and was able to get project development advice from the staff at this site as to what the best way to finish this! This not only saved time, but it saved money as well which is something we both appreciated!