Advanced Excel Training is Great for College Students

I am a Junior in college majoring in Accounting. I love being in college and love being around the exciting atmosphere and fun events that are held often but the homework seems to stack up quickly. One day while I was sitting in one of my accounting classes, the professor brought to our attention a book that is called Excel University: Volume 1. The professor also stated that it helps improve the productivity for accountants. Well, once he told us that, I knew I needed to look more into this book because Excel is utilized so much in the accounting profession. I did some research and thought that the book would be very beneficial for me because one day soon, I will be a professional working in the field of accounting. I also found out that there is an advanced excel training course that is taught by the author of the book. I find the content of the book fascinating and am excited to read more about Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft makes gift giving easier!

With Microsoft 7 on the horizon it’s really cool to see that they will be allowing people to downgrade from the new system to their current system. It’s a win for you if you are the gift giver because a new operating system is a great gift and it’s a win for the person you are giving the gift to because they can tuck tail and go back to their old system if needed! Great gift for those tech head relatives.