Awesome Magazine Subscription Options for Men is my favorite source for all my magazine subscriptions and renewals. They have more magazines available than I even knew existed.

They have some great options for men and a magazine subscription makes for an awesome gift. Some titles that guys seem to like include: Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Entertainment, TIME, Travel + Leisure, Men’s Health, Field & Stream, National Geographic, Maxim, Handyman, Popular Mechanics, and more.

Check out some of the awesome deals here, you’ll be super glad you did. You might even find something for yourself!

Buy One, Get One 50% Off of Select Men’s Fragrances at Target

blog-adgTarget is a store that I visit quite frequently (in fact I went there TWICE yesterday). They have so many things that I can make it my one-stop shop for groceries, household supplies, furniture, home decor, prescriptions, beauty products (make-up, hair care, skin care, fragrance, etc), clothing, shoes, electronics, pet supplies, accessories, jewelry, and so much more. This store honestly seems endless and I love every bit of it!

Right now, Target is having a deal where select fragrances are buy one, get one 50% off. I love this because you can either use the deal yourself, or start stocking up on Christmas gifts (I know, I know…it’s only July, right?). They have a great selection for both women and men, and it’s definitely worth checking out to see what you could save!

He’s Sure to Find Something He Loves At Menard’s

blog-menardsIs it just programmed into the genes of men to love shopping at home improvement stores and hate shopping everywhere else? Last night I made the mistake of bringing my man into Target to pick up some items for a baby shower I am going to next weekend off of the couple’s registry. He complained a ton and rushed me through the store. We then stopped at Menard’s on the way home to pick up some outlet covers and a new sump pump and ended up spending nearly two hours in the store!

Menard’s is currently running four separate sales: Made in the USA Sale, Stock Up and Save Sale, Back to School Sale, and Priced Right Sale. There are so many savings throughout the store that we ended up picking up things to start a few different home improvement projects that we’ve been meaning to get done for quite some time now!

My Rocker Boy Matching His Rocker Dad

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 2.42.13 PMI know that my boy, Jackson is totally infatuated with his dad. He is always wanting to be just like him, and I totally love that. I am hoping this lasts as long as possible! I think one of the cutest things he does, is every morning he comes into our room and looks to see what daddy is wearing for the day. Then he goes to his room and tries to pick out an outfit that matches dad’s outfit as close as he can. I love seeing what he comes up with every day, and each day my heart melts a little more.

Now, when I buy kid boy clothes, I makes sure that I am looking for something that his dad has. Sometimes I will even buy them both outfits at the same time. I found some of the cutest clothes for him that match my husbands pretty close! I am so excited about it, I almost ordered everything on the site! This is definitely my favorite outfit I found. My husband loves to wear t-shirts over long sleeve shirts, so I knew Jackson would be excited when I showed him.

When the two of them came out in their matching outfits, I about fell to the floor. They were the most hansom looking men I have ever seen! I cannot wait to get more clothes from Naartjie for Jackson because he just absolutely loves them!

Dick’s Sporting Goods is an Awesome Store!

blog-jerseyI feel like I shop online almost as much as I actually shop in the store. It’s much easier for me to hop online and see different clothes and products all at once on a computer screen than it is to search through different racks and shelves in multiple stores.

My nephew has been watching the World Cup games as much as he can. They play quite often, so he obviously can’t tune into every game, but he makes sure that he catches his favorite teams playing.

I went online in search of a replica jersey of the USA men’s soccer team. I found this at Dick’s Sporting Goods. This is a store that has it all when it comes to sports and sporting gear.