A Voodoo Tactical Backpack To Make Life Easier

voodoo-tactical-matrix-assault-pack-1My husband goes on a bunch of missions where he sometimes has to stay a night or two. He is always complaining about the bags he has to bring along. He has a lot of different things he needs to bring with other than just clothes, so he is always just digging around in his bag for his things when he needs to get to them fast. I thought it would be a good idea to get him this Voodoo Tactical backpack. He loves camo print, so I was excited to find they had it in that print. He was so excited about it when he first saw it, but not even close to how excited he was about it when he first got to use it. He kept telling me how perfect it was and how much easier his missions are going to be just because of his new backpack.

A Travel Case for His Golf Clubs is Just What He Needs

blog-travelMy guy absolutely loves to golf. We have a lot of fun  going golfing and spending time together out on the course. It’s so relaxing and I’m really glad he taught me how to golf!

We are wanting to get into traveling a little more and finding some cool courses. We’ve been talking about it quite a bit lately and I think with his birthday coming up, it would be a great opportunity to get him a travel case for his clubs. This has wheels and makes bringing golf clubs to different places easy. This can easily be brought to the airport and checked in with the other luggage.

I really like this Samsonite molded travel case. A friend of ours has one and really likes it!

Men’s Leather Travel Tie Holder

Whether or not your are a fan of Scott Disick, you have to admit that he is a great dresser. If you watch the E! Channel or follow the Kardashians on Twitter, you’ve probably seen him out and about. He almost always has a suit on and is always dressed to a “T”. I’ve never seen him wear the same necktie or bowtie, he has so many!

Blog-Scott Disick

If you know a well-dressed guy that also has a huge collection of bowties and/or neckties, that you know how important it is to take good care of them. This leather tie holder is great for traveling or storage in the home. Your well-dressed man can be stylish on the road, as well!

Blog-leather case

Pet Covers For Your Vehicle

My husband came to pick me up at work the other day and he knows how I don’t like the dogs to ride in the vehicle, because they get hair everywhere on the seats. The windows were down and I saw one of our dogs in the backseat and I was just getting ready to yell at him. I got in and I looked in the back and it looked like a giant pillow in the backseat.

He told me it was a back seat pet cover and how it “repels pet hair, dirt, and moisture. I wasn’t to thrilled about it at first, but I’m starting to let loose and not mind it. It’s kind of cute to have all of us in the car and go to the lake or just out somewhere. It does keep from getting the hair all over, and its also pretty easy to clean the little pet cover/pillow too.

Passport Cover

This was a gift my kids got my husband, it’s a leather passport cover from Tiffany’s. He is constantly traveling the world and they thought “Dad needed a fancy ‘card holder’ so he can look cool.” They thought this was perfect for him, except they wanted it in the platinum color. They thought it would stand out more and be easier to find.

My kids are to funny and they really do think of everything. I can’t wait till they are older though to start buying their own presents for me and him. They can think of so many things that me and my husband ‘need’. I love them so much and when I told my husband the story on why they thought he need to upgrade is passport cover he couldn’t stop laughing. It is really nice and man I hope he’s worth it. haha