I drank my way to birthday success!

I recently stumbled across what must be the easiest way to shop for people.  My girlfriend’s birthday was at the end of September and I wasn’t sure what to get her. So I did what every other guy does and I did an online search for anything that struck me as something she would like.

I came up with NOTHING but then it hit me… she loves coffee, no correction, she is addicted to coffee. So, I went on a search for a coffee club I could trust.  I was amazed at the clubs that are out  there.  Sure, it was a bit  expensive but worth it.

She got her first shipment at the end of October and so far she loves it.  Her first month was two special blends aptly names after politics. Seriously, it’s quick and easy and there is a club out there for just about anything!

Quad Parts for Your Yamahas

Looking for a resource for all your Yamaha Rhino parts but don’t feel like being take for a ride from the “stealership”?  Yeah me either so don’t forget to check all your online resources before paying 200% more at a dealership.  chances are that you will be supporting a mom and pop business while you’re at it, all the while you’ll be saving some of your own precious dough and who doesn’t need that with the way the Dow is going these days, right?