He’s Sure to Find Something He Loves At Menard’s

blog-menardsIs it just programmed into the genes of men to love shopping at home improvement stores and hate shopping everywhere else? Last night I made the mistake of bringing my man into Target to pick up some items for a baby shower I am going to next weekend off of the couple’s registry. He complained a ton and rushed me through the store. We then stopped at Menard’s on the way home to pick up some outlet covers and a new sump pump and ended up spending nearly two hours in the store!

Menard’s is currently running four separate sales: Made in the USA Sale, Stock Up and Save Sale, Back to School Sale, and Priced Right Sale. There are so many savings throughout the store that we ended up picking up things to start a few different home improvement projects that we’ve been meaning to get done for quite some time now!

A Needy Boyfriend Needs a Massage in Huntington Beach

massages roomMy boyfriend has a very labor intensive job, so he says. He would come home from work just dragging, and a lot of times he would be begging me for a massage. Most of the time I would be a great girlfriend and give him one, but lately I have really been not wanting to cooperate with his needs! I really started trying to think of a solution for his sore body. I thought about getting him a massage chair, but quickly realized that was not going to be financially possible. I thought about getting him some sort of at home massage thing, but I thought, that is not going to really get in there and make him feel better.

How I didn’t think of this sooner, I don’t know. I love getting massages in Huntington Beach, so why wouldn’t my boyfriend. Getting a massage there would be so perfect for him. They really want to get to know your problem areas, what kind of massage you would like, and all of those different things that would be best for your situation.

When I told him I had booked him a couple massages in Huntington Beach, he was so excited. He was almost excited to go to work, so he could get a massage after work. After he came home from his massage, he couldn’t stop talking about it, and how much better they are then I was! The best part, is that he doesn’t even want to ask me for massages anymore, because I just don’t compare! ;P

I thought he was being a drama queen, but he does really work hard and really does deserve a professional massage every once and a while. I can tell they are helping, because his overall mood really seems to be more upbeat and positive, and he wants to do more things. Thank you Cloudmover Day Spa!

Dick’s Sporting Goods Has a Great Selection

blog-nikeI love it when I find a store that has it all. This is true when it comes to Dick’s Sporting Goods. They have so many different products for sporting goods and cover a wide variety of sports. They have things for runners, football players, golfers, outdoorsmen, basketball players, baseball players, tennis and racquetball players, hockey players and so much more!

Right now, Dick’s Sporting Goods has a ton of things for back-to-school and fall sports. They of course have things for women and girls, too, by the way… this is just a “men’s shopping blog” so I wanted to target the right audience!

Online Exclusive Sale for Sporting Goods at Kohl’s

blog-sportKohl’s is a great place to shop. They have a ton of products that there is something for the whole family.

Kohl’s carries clothing, housewares, sporting goods, beauty products, jewelry, shoes, toys, and so much more. I love that I can go here, shop for the entire family, and find great gifts for others.

Right now, Kohl’s is offering an online-exclusive sale with 20% off of ALL sporting goods. This sale ends today, so make sure you take advantage of it if you’re interested! Use the code SPORTY20 at check-out and the discount will automatically be applied to your total.


Best Buy Has All of the Greatest Stuff For the Tech Lover

Earns Best BuyBest Buy is a store that I could easily spend hours in. I love this store because they have a wide range of electronics and appliances, including laptops, TVs, DVD and Blu Ray Players, tablets, e-readers, cameras, phones, printers, internet supplies, washers and dryers, fridges, ovens, and so much more. They have a great selection of CDs, DVDs and Blu Rays as well.

One of my favorite things about Best Buy is their “Black Tie Protection” available for certain purchases. This is a service and protection plan that I definitely recommend having for larger purchases. I also enjoy the rewards program that they offer. It’s helpful to get credit for purchases made! Check out some of their weekly deals online or in store and stop in!