Fifa’s Official Website is The Best Stop For the World Cup

blog-wcFirst of all, Happy Independence Day to you all! I hope you are having a safe and happy holiday and that you’re enjoying this day in whatever you may be doing.

Something I will be doing today besides grilling out and watching fireworks is checking out some World Cup games. The 2014 World Cup is taking place in Brazil this year and it’s been awesome to watch so far. I frequently check out the official Fifa website, which is the headquarters for all of the latest news, stats and information. If there are some sports fans in your life, have them hop on over and check this site out. It provides great coverage when I am unable to tune into a game!

My Rocker Boy Matching His Rocker Dad

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 2.42.13 PMI know that my boy, Jackson is totally infatuated with his dad. He is always wanting to be just like him, and I totally love that. I am hoping this lasts as long as possible! I think one of the cutest things he does, is every morning he comes into our room and looks to see what daddy is wearing for the day. Then he goes to his room and tries to pick out an outfit that matches dad’s outfit as close as he can. I love seeing what he comes up with every day, and each day my heart melts a little more.

Now, when I buy kid boy clothes, I makes sure that I am looking for something that his dad has. Sometimes I will even buy them both outfits at the same time. I found some of the cutest clothes for him that match my husbands pretty close! I am so excited about it, I almost ordered everything on the site! This is definitely my favorite outfit I found. My husband loves to wear t-shirts over long sleeve shirts, so I knew Jackson would be excited when I showed him.

When the two of them came out in their matching outfits, I about fell to the floor. They were the most hansom looking men I have ever seen! I cannot wait to get more clothes from Naartjie for Jackson because he just absolutely loves them!

The Game “Pure” For PS3 Is a Best Seller

blog-pureI have to admit that I’m not always the most up-to-date when it comes to video games. I haven’t played on in years and even if I did, I don’t remember being good or having at “knack” at it whatsoever.

However, I happen to have two nephews that love video games and would play all day, every day if their mother allowed it. She doesn’t, though, so they sure appreciate their one hour a day that they are allowed to play.

There is this game called “Pure” for the Play Station 3 and they really want it to add to their collection. They have birthdays about a month apart, so I am going to get this as a gift that they can share and play together. This is a top seller and it sounds like you can customize and build your vehicle from the ground up and train to learn tricks. My favorite part about this game is that it’s rated “E” for “Everyone”, so there is no violence involved!

Dick’s Sporting Goods is an Awesome Store!

blog-jerseyI feel like I shop online almost as much as I actually shop in the store. It’s much easier for me to hop online and see different clothes and products all at once on a computer screen than it is to search through different racks and shelves in multiple stores.

My nephew has been watching the World Cup games as much as he can. They play quite often, so he obviously can’t tune into every game, but he makes sure that he catches his favorite teams playing.

I went online in search of a replica jersey of the USA men’s soccer team. I found this at Dick’s Sporting Goods. This is a store that has it all when it comes to sports and sporting gear.

Old Navy Has Some Great Guy’s Clothes

blog-old navyI love shopping at Old Navy. I have to admit that usually if I go over my monthly budget for clothing, it’s here. They carry so many different types of  clothing that it makes shopping for the entire family here super easy. These clothes are also very reasonably priced, so I feel like I can get a lot here for my budget. They carry women’s clothing, men’s clothing, clothes for kids, baby clothing, and even maternity clothes. I love that they also have specialty sizes such as plus, tall, and petite.

I feel like I’ve been posting a lot lately about men’s clothing stores, but I feel like I can’t really leave this one in the dust. Old Navy has an awesome selection of shorts, shirts, sweatshirts, shoes and so much more when it comes to their men’s department. They really don’t leave the guys hanging when it comes to clothes like a lot of other stores do!