ESPN is a Great Magazine, Channel and Website!

blog-espnMy guy loves sports of all kinds. If he is not watching them or talking about them, he is playing them.

This is why ESPN is perfect for him. The channel is pretty much always on our TV and the ESPN website is our homepage on our computer. He gets a magazine in the mail every month to top it all off. They have the greatest sports coverage and other sports sources.

I have to admit that I used to get sick of this sports love, but I’ve really learned to like it. There are quite a few sports that I’ve gotten to share a passion for and it’s pretty fun!

This Night Vision Gear is Top of the Line

Outdoor Legacy Gear--Night Vision GearMy dad and brother get pretty pumped up when it comes to guns, hunting, target practice, and pretty much anything related. They were both in the army and specialized in tactics. Any time the two of them get together, it’s really all they can talk about: where they went for target practice, which guns are coming out soon, what new cleaning technique they found to keep their guns and other gear in tip, top shape.

Recently, they have decided that they want to add some night vision gear to their quickly growing collection. They have been talking about this quite a bit, so I’m sure it will be ordered soon. If you’re looking for this yourself, they decided to buy online at Outdoor Legacy Gear.

Great Selection of Men’s Clothes at JCPenney

JCI love the awesome selection of clothing at JCPenney. They have other great things, too, but I really enjoy their line of clothes. There are clothes for the entire family, from women to babies and everything in between including men and kids.

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, I stoppped into JCPenney yesterday since they seem to run some pretty great sales during this time of year. Right now, you can print off coupons to use in-store for $10 off of a purchase of $25 or more. They also have awesome deals on things for dads, including clothes, furniture, watches, shoes and more.


So Many Fragrances For Guys at Herberger’s

blog-cologneDo you ever shop at Herberger’s? This is one of my favorite stores because they have so many great things from shoes to housewares and everything in between including clothing for the whole family, jewelry, make-up, accessories, and fragrances.

They have an awesome selection of fragrances for guys, and they often run some pretty great deals. Right now, you can take an additional 10% off of cosmetics and fragrance with the coupon code FRIFAM2014E. If you spend more than $50 on any cosmetics and fragrance purchase, you are eligible for free shipping with the coupon code BEAUTY50.

Also, just a heads up for Father’s Day, which is coming up just next weekend: they are running a sale right now for $25 off of a Nautica purchase of $100 or more now through June 15.

These Massages in Huntington Beach Are Great For Guys, Too

Young Man Enjoying Massage At SpaWho says that massages are just for women? It does, unfortunately, seem like most men stay far away from day spas. It’s definitely a negative view when people think that it’s a “woman-only” place! This is far from the truth and it’s becoming more and more popular for guys to treat themselves, too, and enjoy some time at the spa.

There are many treatments that guys enjoy, too. One of the most popular ones are massages because of their awesome benefits. They increase circulation, blood flow, metabolism, and of course improve relaxation and decrease anxiety.

One of my favorite places for massages in Huntington Beach is CloudMover. I love going here because I feel like it is a mini vacation with the relaxing environment, and I always get treated so well when I go here!