Have You Checked Out the Big and Tall Collection at JCPenney?

blog-bandtIf you’re a guy that’s considered “big and tall”, you know just how hard it can be to find clothes that fit properly! Most places carry up to 2X or 3X, but those don’t typically go long enough for tall guys, they just get wider and wider.

JCPenney carries the “Big and Tall” collection for men, which is great! They carry pants, shirts, polos, outerwear, workout clothes, shoes, sportcoats and suits, shorts, swimwear and plenty of other things, all in special sizes for men.

Also, make sure you check out the deals that they have here. I love this store because I’m always finding ways to save money here. They’re having some great sales right now that are definitely worth checking out.

Old Navy Has Some Great Guy’s Clothes

blog-old navyI love shopping at Old Navy. I have to admit that usually if I go over my monthly budget for clothing, it’s here. They carry so many different types of  clothing that it makes shopping for the entire family here super easy. These clothes are also very reasonably priced, so I feel like I can get a lot here for my budget. They carry women’s clothing, men’s clothing, clothes for kids, baby clothing, and even maternity clothes. I love that they also have specialty sizes such as plus, tall, and petite.

I feel like I’ve been posting a lot lately about men’s clothing stores, but I feel like I can’t really leave this one in the dust. Old Navy has an awesome selection of shorts, shirts, sweatshirts, shoes and so much more when it comes to their men’s department. They really don’t leave the guys hanging when it comes to clothes like a lot of other stores do!

PING is a Top Brand in Golf

blog-pingMy guy LOVES to golf. I think that I’ve mentioned this in the past, and I remember sharing with you all that we actually met on a golf course!

It’s pretty easy to get him gifts because there are many, many accessories and products available for golf including apparel, equipment such as clubs, and accessories likes shoes, bags, tees, and golf balls.

One of his favorite golf brands would have to be PING. This is a top of the line brand that carries clubs, bags, gear, and apparel. They also have the option of custom fitting for clubs which takes the golf game to the next level.

If you’re a golfer, what are your favorite brands?

The Perfect Christmas Gift For The Guy That Loves to Be Out On The Water



If you live in Minnesota like I do, you wait through the cold weather all winter long to get back out in the beautiful sunshine of summer to do the things you love. This might include biking, golfing, boating, camping, swimming and so much more.

Boating is a pastime of my family and we try to get out together every Sunday for a little picnic on the boat, some water sports and a great day in the sun! This is very hard to do when there is snow on the ground, so you can imagine my anticipation for summer to arrive!

I found this collection of products for those that have a similar love for being on the water. I thought this “keep calm and boat on” sweatshirt would be a great way to keep warm when the temps drop in the early mornings and evenings out on the water. Isn’t it great?

A Gift Wish of Mine

Seems my ‘other half’ reads up on my blogs so this is a cool way of asking for things without, well, asking!  I am a huge MMA fan.  If I don’t get to watch it on tv when it’s on, I DVR it.  I’ve seen some really cool Mixed Martial Arts clothing on some of these guys lately and I’d love to add this apparel to my closet!

I am not a suit and pants kind of guy so a hard core MMA shirt would fit me perfectly!