A Reading Nook for My Nephew


So even though my nephew is not a “man” yet, as he is only 2 and a half years old, I’m still posting this. Call the blog police, but this idea was too great not to share! This is some shopping that will be done for a BOY. ;)

I found a DIY project to make a reading nook for my nephew when he comes over to our house. He usually comes a couple times a week because his parents work opposite work schedules as us and we like to spend time with him.

We got a couple of bean bag chairs to make it really cozy. For the book shelving, we went to Ikea and got a bunch of spice rack shelves. These are inexpensive and fit books perfectly! This takes up so much less room than a bookshelf and you are able to see all of the books on display.

Books for Dad

I got this book “Lonesome Dove” for my dad. We use to watch this movie all the time and he reads the book over and over again. His book is showing it’s age and is falling apart. So until he retires that book, I got him a new one to replace it. He loves to read and so I got him a few other books to try out too.

When I was little we use to read at night before I would go to bed and it was the best time. This is our favorite movie to watch together and I know he will love it. He loves anything he gets from us kids, but he will actually get some use out of this too. Dad’s love anything you get them. You can’t go wrong with any gift for him. Years later he will still have them, just for the memories. If you or anyone you know likes western books, I definitely recommend this one!

Three Weeks with My Brother

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