Last Minute Shopping Time For Guys!

Full length portrait of a happy man pushing a shopping cart full

Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve! As it does every year, Christmas has truly snuck up on us. I feel like there is so much anticipation for this holiday and before we know it, it’s come and gone. If the men in your family are like the men in my family, they just ate a quick breakfast and are headed out to START their Christmas shopping. That’s right… they are “those guys” that are strolling around the mall the day before Christmas trying to get their shopping done. All while my gifts sit under the tree, purchased weeks ago and wrapped days ago. They never learn, do they? :)

What are your plans for the big holiday? We are having brunch tomorrow and a small family celebration before heading out to see the rest of the family. I really hope the weather cooperates and the roads stay safe for travel!

Merry Christmas to you all! Blessings to you and yours.

This Copper Card is a Perfect Way to Leave a Note



As you can tell, I’m in “stocking stuffer” mode lately. I found that movie that I wrote about in my last post and I’m thinking that I could also put this copper wallet card and his favorite cologne to complete his stocking.

This copper wallet card is available on Etsy and is a perfect way to leave a personalized note that’s durable enough to stay in his wallet for years. He can see it daily when grabbing his ID, debit or credit card, cash, or anything else he may need in there. It’s a great way to brighten up his day and this can be personalized to say whatever you want it to (up to 75 characters). I can’t wait to get this ordered and get yet another gift crossed off my Christmas list to buy.

Guys, Is It Ever Really Too Early To Start Christmas Shopping? Check Out Kameleon Jewelry and Kameleon JewelPops Now!

Most guys, unfortunately including my own boyfriend, tend to save their Christmas shopping for the very last minute. This drives me absolutely CRAZY as I am a planner. For example, even though it is almost the end of August, I have almost a third of my shopping done. This is a great way to save money by spreading out spending over several months.

the lamp stand-jewel pops4 the lamp stand-jewelpop 3 the lamp stand-jewelpop1

Well guys, I have to tell you that it really is never too early to start shopping, especially when you can hit up sales and save even more. Jewelry is always a great gift to give. It’s special and is loved by many women.

I’ve been into the Kameleon Jewelry collection lately. I love how you can get a ton of different Kameleon JewelPops to go with this jewelry. You can easily switch out the JewelPops to create hundreds of different combinations.


It’s on now..Let it snow!

With a week to go before the big day we’ve finally got a bit of snow for me to try out my new automatic all wheel drive in my 2008 Honda Pilot. You can lock in in 4 low but it really comes into its own when things get slippery.

Ladies, if you are reading this…the new 2009 Honda Pilot is a great buy for your favorite blogger and it’s still not too late to hook me…er “your favorite blogger” up!

Oh well, I’m off  to look for a few snow banks to plow my way through!

Two weeks to go…let the countdown begin!

Who is ready for the big day? I often wonder if the stereotype about men never shopping until the night before Christmas is true. I’ve been in the stores looking for a few things when I should be home watching “A Christmas Story” but I’ve never done all of my shopping at the last minute. With two weeks to go I’ve pretty much got everything wrapped up this year and now I’m looking to cruse into the new year without a hang over!