These Massages in Huntington Beach Are Great For Guys, Too

Young Man Enjoying Massage At SpaWho says that massages are just for women? It does, unfortunately, seem like most men stay far away from day spas. It’s definitely a negative view when people think that it’s a “woman-only” place! This is far from the truth and it’s becoming more and more popular for guys to treat themselves, too, and enjoy some time at the spa.

There are many treatments that guys enjoy, too. One of the most popular ones are massages because of their awesome benefits. They increase circulation, blood flow, metabolism, and of course improve relaxation and decrease anxiety.

One of my favorite places for massages in Huntington Beach is CloudMover. I love going here because I feel like it is a mini vacation with the relaxing environment, and I always get treated so well when I go here!

These Massages in Orange County Aren’t Just for Women!

Young Man Enjoying Massage At SpaMassage is a fantastic therapy that has been around for ages. This is a great way to relax, rejuvenate, reduce stress levels, and improve circulation and metabolism. There are a variety of types of massage, each one focusing on different areas and providing unique and focused benefits.

My favorite place to go for a massage in CloudMover. I have been going here for a couple of years now and have a great experience each time I go. I have news for you, these massages in Orange County aren’t just for women. People tend to think that body treatments and day spas are just meant for women and I must say that this is far from the truth! They have many massages available for men, the most popular being the sports massage.

Another Great Stocking Stuffer: A Gift Certificate For One of The Best Massages in Orange County

Young Man Enjoying Massage At Spa


I hope I am not overwhelming you all with stocking stuffers and Christmas gift ideas for guys lately! I have a one-track mind when it comes to the holidays and I want to provide you all with a variety of gift ideas for men. I know what it’s like to get close to Christmas and have plenty of shopping to do. Not only that but I feel like guys can be really hard to shop for at times!

When I was visiting California, I went to CloudMover and got a massage. It was amazing! They have gift certificates available for the best massages in Orange County which would be a fantastic stocking stuffer. There’s a lot of men that I know that would like this and use it.


I’m Making Him an Appointment For Some Waxing in Huntington Beach Before Our Trip!



In just three weeks from now, I will be sitting on the beautiful beaches in the Bahamas with my swimsuit on and a nice cold drink in my hand. I am more than excited and have been waiting for this for quite a few months now. I’ve heard somewhere that planning, packing for, and anticipating a vacation builds up almost as much happiness for a person than actually taking the trip. I beg to differ, as I will be much happier laying on the beach than packing my bags, but I’ll let that person think that they’re right. :)

There’s not that much left to do except print out our flight information the night before we leave, pick up a few odds and ends (travel-sized items) and go to our appointments that I made at CloudMover. This is a day spa that I go to for massages and waxing. It’s going to be a bit of a painful day when we have our appointments as I am getting my legs done and my husband is getting his chest waxed. He’s really glad that this waxing in Huntington Beach isn’t just for women because he sees guys in there all of the time when he goes. At least we won’t have to pack a razor for this trip! Who wants to shave on vacation anyway?

These Facials Orange County Has to Offer Aren’t Just for Women!




Elevated view of a young man getting a facial

Have you ever gotten a facial? I have and they are amazing! I feel so rejuvenated afterwards. My skin has a fresh “glow” afterward. And not to feel left out guys…these facials Orange County has to offer at CloudMover Day Spa aren’t just for women! These customized facials delivered by their knowledgeable and professional staff are out of this world!

You can also check out the other great treatments that CloudMover has to offer if facials aren’t for you or if you’d like to try out some different options. Heck, we all need to get pampered once in awhile! Among facials they offer spray tanning (customized), body wraps, massages, infrared sauna treatments, brow tints, waxing and so much more. Make your appointment today! You can easily schedule it online.