Everything You Need For Football at Scheels

blog-fballFootball season in high schools in just around the corner, and some teams are already holding “Captain’s Practices” for those that want to get an early start, since a lot of state high school leagues don’t allow contact between coaches and players in the off-season.

Pro football teams are already having their training camps and I watched my first pre-season game already! Football season is my favorite, and I love being able to watch games on Sundays and Monday nights.

Scheels is a sporting goods store and they have a ton of gear for football. I love that they have everything from jerseys of your favorite pro athletes to gear to play yourself and everything in between. This is a fun sport!

Sportscards For The Athletic Guy In Your Life

DCS SportsCards-sportscards


Not all guys like sports, but the ones that I know sure do. It’s seems like all year long there is SOMETHING in the sports world that they are following. Whether it be my brother, uncle, father, husband, or grandpa and whether is baseball, hockey, football, basketball, or even golf (snooze-fest!), they are always watching something sporty on TV, talking about sports, or playing them. Have I proven my point yet about the love for athletics in this family?

Well football is now underway, which happens to be my favorite. Most of the sports that they watch I could take or leave, but football is different for me. I decided to order football sportcards for my brother and dad. They have quite the collection going and I feel like this is a great way to ignite the football spark a little brighter in this family. :)

Awesome Wall Decals From Home Depot

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Football season is underway! I attended a pre-season NFL game last week and watched college football ALL day long on TV yesterday (not particularly by choice). Football fans everywhere are anxiously anticipating the upcoming season and wondering if their favorite teams have what it takes to have a successful season!

I found these wall decals at Home Depot the other day while loading up on some fall gardening supplies. I thought it was perfect timing with the sports season starting AND for the hundreds of thousands of college students that will be moving into apartments and dormitories if they haven’t already. Wall decals are perfect for apartments and dorms because they are easy to apply and aren’t permanent. They just peel off and most of the time can be reused on different walls.

Ready for Football Season? Check Out These 2013 Topps Football Cards

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Are you ready for fall? Even though it feels like summer JUST started, I’m more than ready for leggings with cute over-sized sweaters, warm candles, the beautiful leaves, the crockpot meals, and Sunday football. We love having people over to watch the games on TV. I lay out fresh veggies and ranch dip, make some warm dip with chips, and of course my favorite cream cheese and salsa pinwheels.

Are you ready for football season? Who are your favorite teams and players?  A lot of people that are football fans love collecting sports cards. If you’re one of these people, check out the 2013 Topps Football Cards, just in time for football season to start. Some are available now and some are available for pre-ordering.



I’ve been drafted to the Denver Broncos!

Being a long time football fan I’ve collected a decent amount of NFL jerseys. I started off as a die hard John Elway fan and moved on from there. The only problem I see with being a sports fan is the revolving door for players that seemed to be the mainstay now. Gone are the days of the franchise player that stays with a team due to loyalty. Today the almighty dollar makes moving teams the same as changing socks.

So now I’m left with some cool Elway throwback jerseys but I also have a closet full of jerseys for the guys that I thought would stick around but have now moved on to lesser talented teams. My better half asked me what I wanted for my impending birthday and it struck me that I’d like to have an authentic jersey with my name on it. It seems to be the best way to eliminate buying a new jersey every season. Authentic jerseys from the NFL shop run form $250.00 to $300.00 but you know you are getting quality NFL gameday jerseys and not low quality mesh. I thought I wanted the throwback orange but I think I’ll push for the blue home jersey with a nice 52 (linebacker number) number!