Funny Garden Gnomes

Watch with amusement as the one and only Gnome-Be-Gone frees your garden of a kitsch little Euro invader. Who does he think he is, wearing tiny red dunce caps and pushing inefficient wooden wheelbarrows?

Tuck a few made-in-the-USA Gnome-Be-Gones into your flowerbeds and watch the demented yard goblins get toted away. Set includes one gnome and two Gnome-Be-Gones. Designed by Fred Conlon.

Funny Gifts for Bad Break-ups

Aromatheraputic bubble baths/shower gels that address and offer guidance to modern frustrations. Each one addresses a specific problem (stress, relationships, dieting?) of everyday life, in an amusing, laugh-through-it way that can actually help boost the psyche, empower, relax, or revive.

Featured in O, LUCKY, ALLURE, STAR Magazines.