Books for Dad

I got this book “Lonesome Dove” for my dad. We use to watch this movie all the time and he reads the book over and over again. His book is showing it’s age and is falling apart. So until he retires that book, I got him a new one to replace it. He loves to read and so I got him a few other books to try out too.

When I was little we use to read at night before I would go to bed and it was the best time. This is our favorite movie to watch together and I know he will love it. He loves anything he gets from us kids, but he will actually get some use out of this too. Dad’s love anything you get them. You can’t go wrong with any gift for him. Years later he will still have them, just for the memories. If you or anyone you know likes western books, I definitely recommend this one!

Passport Cover

This was a gift my kids got my husband, it’s a leather passport cover from Tiffany’s. He is constantly traveling the world and they thought “Dad needed a fancy ‘card holder’ so he can look cool.” They thought this was perfect for him, except they wanted it in the platinum color. They thought it would stand out more and be easier to find.

My kids are to funny and they really do think of everything. I can’t wait till they are older though to start buying their own presents for me and him. They can think of so many things that me and my husband ‘need’. I love them so much and when I told my husband the story on why they thought he need to upgrade is passport cover he couldn’t stop laughing. It is really nice and man I hope he’s worth it. haha

Gifts for Mechanics

This was a gift my boyfriends dad got for his birthday last week. He is always out in his shop working on some type of machine. Whether it is a lawn mower, a bike, a tractor, or his car, he can always fix it.

This is a clock looks like gears and a chain, but the really cool thing is, that it was actually once used on some type of machine. I think it was a perfect gift for him, and if you have some type of a mechanical man in your family or life, it’s a great gift to get. His daughter got it for him, and she seems to always fine the perfect gifts for people. I don’t know if she just always shops online, or just does alot of looking around. She has talent though, and I am always looking forward to see what type of thing she got next to give away.

Funny Wallets

I bought this wallet¬†for my dad’s birthday. I laughed so hard when I saw it and I knew it was perfect for him. Every time I ask him for some money he always says sorry I’m closed. It’s always good to have a laugh and a funny gift to give. I know he will smile and laugh when he sees it and that’s the main thing. It’s okay if he doesn’t use it, I just thought a good laugh would be nice. I also got him a gift card to his favorite place to eat along with a gift card to Cabelas. He loves the outdoors and I figured he might as well buy something he really needs and wants when he sees it. Me and my dad are always the jokers in the house and their is never a dull moment. He always plays jokes on my birthday gift so I thought this would be great, and I put the two gift cards in the wallet. It was a great present!