PING is a Top Brand in Golf

blog-pingMy guy LOVES to golf. I think that I’ve mentioned this in the past, and I remember sharing with you all that we actually met on a golf course!

It’s pretty easy to get him gifts because there are many, many accessories and products available for golf including apparel, equipment such as clubs, and accessories likes shoes, bags, tees, and golf balls.

One of his favorite golf brands would have to be PING. This is a top of the line brand that carries clubs, bags, gear, and apparel. They also have the option of custom fitting for clubs which takes the golf game to the next level.

If you’re a golfer, what are your favorite brands?

A Travel Case for His Golf Clubs is Just What He Needs

blog-travelMy guy absolutely loves to golf. We have a lot of fun  going golfing and spending time together out on the course. It’s so relaxing and I’m really glad he taught me how to golf!

We are wanting to get into traveling a little more and finding some cool courses. We’ve been talking about it quite a bit lately and I think with his birthday coming up, it would be a great opportunity to get him a travel case for his clubs. This has wheels and makes bringing golf clubs to different places easy. This can easily be brought to the airport and checked in with the other luggage.

I really like this Samsonite molded travel case. A friend of ours has one and really likes it!

Great Golf Gear at Kohl’s



I love shopping at Kohl’s. They always have great deals going on, so I rarely pay full price for anything. For example, right now they are offering 15% off of EVERYTHING store-wide. This sale ends today, by the way, so if you want to save make sure you take advantage! Enter the code LAMB at checkout online and the discount will be applied to your cart.

Kohl’s has a great selection of golf products, which is something my man and I both love to do. We actually met on a golf course so it’s fitting that we continue the hobby together. Kohl’s has a ton of golf gear from polos, jackets, shorts and pants, gloves, bag covers, golf gift sets and so much more.

These Golf Link Toppers Are Great

blog-golf link toppers


My guy and I met a little less than a year ago. He golfs all of the time and I work at the country club that he’s a member at as a part time job in the summer. We talked a few times and he ended up asking me if I would go out on a date with him. I of course said yes and after a few more dates we ended up declaring the relationship “official”.

I’m having a hard time finding great gifts for him because he seems to have everything! I then came across these personalized golf link toppers and thought they were perfect. They include 14 link toppers and are available in shades of bronze, black, gold and silver. They can be engraved with up to 20 letters, which should be enough for a full name. I sure hope he likes these!

Hey Golfers!

It’s that time!  Golf around here where I live starts up soon.  There’s a golf course I pass on my way to work everyday and I know soon I’ll be praying no golf balls hit my car as I drive by!

I’ve never had a chance to go golfing in a serious maner but I still go for fun when I can.  I  like to look online for the latest golf equipment at a good price.  As Father’s Day gets closer, I can start hinting towards wat I’d like and I usually get something cool that’s golf related!