ESPN is a Great Magazine, Channel and Website!

blog-espnMy guy loves sports of all kinds. If he is not watching them or talking about them, he is playing them.

This is why ESPN is perfect for him. The channel is pretty much always on our TV and the ESPN website is our homepage on our computer. He gets a magazine in the mail every month to top it all off. They have the greatest sports coverage and other sports sources.

I have to admit that I used to get sick of this sports love, but I’ve really learned to like it. There are quite a few sports that I’ve gotten to share a passion for and it’s pretty fun!

Keep Calm and Boat On: A Great Shirt for Dad

boatMy dad and I love to go boating together. Ever since I can remember, we take every opportunity possible during the summer to go out on the boat whether it be to relax and kick our feet up, do some water sports with other family members, or throw a line in the water and fish. In fact, it’s hard for me to see a lake and not think of all of the amazing times that we’ve had out on the water.

Since Father’s Day is coming up next month, I decided to give my dad this shirt that says “Keep Calm and Boat On” as one of his gifts. I think he’ll really like it and I’m sure he’ll wear it out on our next boating excursion!

Smoke: New Firewood Cooking Cookbook



Now that the weather has finally warmed up, I feel like we are grilling every evening for supper. During the winter, I am usually the one that does the cooking and I make a range of food from tacos, to spaghetti, to homemade soups in the crock pot.

Now that we are grilling out, Alex is doing most of the cooking which is a nice change of pace. It’s nice to have a break and enjoy some new grilling recipes. I found this cookbook called, “Smoke: New Firewood Cooking”. It explores different using woodchips for cooking. This is something that we both have wanted to try out. Using wood chips for cooking adds a whole new level of flavor and tastes GREAT!

Baseball Season is in Full Swing, Which Means Baseball Cards Are, Too!

DCS Sports Cards-Baseball Topps


I am surrounded my baseball fans. This is a huge hobby in our family and although it can be tiring at times, I’m so glad everybody has something in common to share in and talk about! Now that baseball season is in full swing, I’m seriously surrounded!

Baseball is almost always playing on television, there’s often a pick-up game in the backyard, I’m always washing baseball jerseys in the laundry, listening to the latest baseball talk, and watching trading of baseball cards.

With this hobby that everybody shares, it sure makes it easy for gift giving. I like shopping online for the latest and greatest in baseball cards, gear, and more.