Happy 2010

The holidays may be over but there are still some great products to purchase – break out those gift cards and watch for deals!

We’ll showcase some of the best finds we come across! Have a birthday gift to get for someone? We have some wonderful gift ideas! Are you already thinking about Valentine’s Day? We are!

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The big day has come and gone

Well, the big day is over. I hope everyone got what they were wishing for but above all I hope everyone had time to spend with those that mean the most to them. I spent my time with my family and I enjoyed watching everyone open the gifts I got for them.

Sadly, there was no 2009 Honda Pilot under my tree this year! Oh well, maybe next year.

Now it’s time to get out to the stores and find those deals before they are gone. Before reflecting on one of the craziest years in recent memory get out there and milk those retailers for everything they are worth!

Well, I couldn’t resist

The lure of the store sales got to me. I couldn’t resist going out to see what I could find. I was able to find a few items that I hadn’t thought of. I’m still going to do most of my shopping online but I was pleasantly surprised that the stores weren’t too chaotic for me. Most of the stores I went into were steady but not over crowded. Maybe the black Friday madness has passed and more level heads have prevailed. I still feel that the best deals will be found online!

It’s offical- happy holidays!

Well, it’s official- it’s the holiday season and things are getting crazy out there. With people being shot in toy stores and employees being trampled by shoppers in Wal-Mart I’ve made the decision to do the rest of my holiday shopping from home via my trusty non violent computer! There are so many places online to get deals; it’s not just in the stores!

I still think people should get out and support local retailors and I would be too but the few things I have left to get are going to come from places that have online stores so I think I’ll take a pass on the crowds this year.