Massages in Huntington Beach Aren’t Just for Men

Young Man Enjoying Massage At SpaThere are so many benefits to getting a regular massage. Massage therapy improves circulation, energy, sleep, metabolism, mood, the immune system, and decreases pain, stress, blood pressure and tension. With all of those benefits, how can you go wrong?

My favorite place to go for massages in Huntington Beach is CloudMover Day Spa. I love going here for a massage because there are so many different options for massage, that you don’t just have to get a regular massage (unless you prefer them!).  They have a special Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage that I love! It’s unique and I walk out feeling like I just took a two week vacation.

Massages make great gifts for guys. A gift certificate can be given for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or other fun occasion!

A Needy Boyfriend Needs a Massage in Huntington Beach

massages roomMy boyfriend has a very labor intensive job, so he says. He would come home from work just dragging, and a lot of times he would be begging me for a massage. Most of the time I would be a great girlfriend and give him one, but lately I have really been not wanting to cooperate with his needs! I really started trying to think of a solution for his sore body. I thought about getting him a massage chair, but quickly realized that was not going to be financially possible. I thought about getting him some sort of at home massage thing, but I thought, that is not going to really get in there and make him feel better.

How I didn’t think of this sooner, I don’t know. I love getting massages in Huntington Beach, so why wouldn’t my boyfriend. Getting a massage there would be so perfect for him. They really want to get to know your problem areas, what kind of massage you would like, and all of those different things that would be best for your situation.

When I told him I had booked him a couple massages in Huntington Beach, he was so excited. He was almost excited to go to work, so he could get a massage after work. After he came home from his massage, he couldn’t stop talking about it, and how much better they are then I was! The best part, is that he doesn’t even want to ask me for massages anymore, because I just don’t compare! ;P

I thought he was being a drama queen, but he does really work hard and really does deserve a professional massage every once and a while. I can tell they are helping, because his overall mood really seems to be more upbeat and positive, and he wants to do more things. Thank you Cloudmover Day Spa!

These Massages in Orange County Aren’t Just for Women!

Young Man Enjoying Massage At SpaMassage is a fantastic therapy that has been around for ages. This is a great way to relax, rejuvenate, reduce stress levels, and improve circulation and metabolism. There are a variety of types of massage, each one focusing on different areas and providing unique and focused benefits.

My favorite place to go for a massage in CloudMover. I have been going here for a couple of years now and have a great experience each time I go. I have news for you, these massages in Orange County aren’t just for women. People tend to think that body treatments and day spas are just meant for women and I must say that this is far from the truth! They have many massages available for men, the most popular being the sports massage.

Massages In Orange County After Work

My job is a very stressful and labor intensive job. I am constantly coming home and asking my wife if she will give me a massage because I am just too sore to do anything around the house, and we all know that the honey-do list is never ending. My wife thought it would be a good idea for me to get a massage in Orange County. At first I wasn’t quite sure it would be a good idea. I thought it was just a girly thing to go to the spa and they would just lightly rub my back. Oh boy, was I wrong. They listened to what I told them was going on, what hurt and what didn’t, and they definitely did their job. I almost forgot my back could feel this way. It was so nice finally not waking up with pain. Not only did they relieve my back pain, but they made me forget about all my work stress. For once I was able to just relax and not have to worry about anything. I have decided that because this job is so stressful on my body that I really need to go in to see them once a month, if not more. I am already looking forward to my next visit.

Even Guys Like These Massages in Orange County!

Young Man Enjoying Massage At Spa


For so long, massage therapy was seen primarily as a “girly” thing. Now, more and more guys are making appointments to get massages and it’s easy to see why. Massage therapy is beneficial for many reasons: it provides relaxation, increases circulation, heals injured tissue, and so much more.

My favorite place to get massages in Orange County is CloudMover Day Spa. I go there all of the time! They have a great selection of body treatments and massage therapy options. I feel right at home there! I see guys come in there all of the time for massages and even got my dad a gift certificate there for Father’s Day. He loved it and now comes back all of the time!