Wanelo Has Great Products for Guys, Too!



I was spending my evening broswing around Wanelo, which is one of my newest hobbies. I love this website because they have a ton of great products that link to websites where they can actually be purchased (whereas with Pinterest, you can be linked to almost any website that’s not always legitimate!)

Well anyway, I always thought of Wanelo as a website that had mostly clothes for women, kids and of course products for the home (my absolute FAVORITE). However, I discovered tonight on my homepage that they actually have a ton of great guys products. They have an entire category dedicated to menswear and have a ton of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and so much more.

Are you on Wanelo? If so, share some of your favorite products and categories on here!

The Perfect Christmas Gift For The Guy That Loves to Be Out On The Water



If you live in Minnesota like I do, you wait through the cold weather all winter long to get back out in the beautiful sunshine of summer to do the things you love. This might include biking, golfing, boating, camping, swimming and so much more.

Boating is a pastime of my family and we try to get out together every Sunday for a little picnic on the boat, some water sports and a great day in the sun! This is very hard to do when there is snow on the ground, so you can imagine my anticipation for summer to arrive!

I found this collection of products for those that have a similar love for being on the water. I thought this “keep calm and boat on” sweatshirt would be a great way to keep warm when the temps drop in the early mornings and evenings out on the water. Isn’t it great?

Nordstrom Has a Great Fall Coat Collection for Guys

blog-men's coat


Can you tell I’ve been in a men’s clothing mood lately? I figure that it’s appropriate with the change of season. I always like to clean out my closet and change up my wardrobe with the seasons change, so why not post some ideas to get the guys out there rolling with this?

I went into Nordstrom the other day (I don’t try to do this often, as the place is quite expensive) and saw their awesome selection of men’s fall coats and jackets. These are super trendy and they can easily be worn in the fall and spring and on warmer winter days (depending on where you live).

They have quite the price range in their line of men’s clothing, so I recommend shopping by price. Otherwise, you may find something, fall in love with it, and realize that you don’t want to spend that much on it!

Perfect Shoes for Him for Summer



Summer is almost officially here. We are about a month and a half away and I can’t wait ! Summer means SO many different things to us: grilling, camping, playing catch in the yard, bike riding, motorcycle trips, swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, playing with the dogs outside, and so much more. As you can tell, it’s my favorite time of the year. I’m a very active person and summer allows me to fit in all of my favorite activities!

I have been updating my closet for summer, but realized that Alex’s side still looks like winter. We got rid of a ton of clothes of his last fall, so it’s time for some serious updating. Since he’s not huge into going to the store and trying on a ton of things, I’m doing a lot of online shopping for his stuff.

I found these DC Villain Skate Shoes  that I know he will love. They slip on and off easily for our busy summer FULL of different activities. These look great with jeans or shorts and are dressy yet casual. This is a versatile shoe that guys will love.