Order Your Father’s Day Jewelry From Kay By June 6th for Delivery by Father’s Day

blog-men's jewelryAre you ready for Father’s Day? It’s coming up in just a few weeks!

I was shopping online tonight for a little something for myself at Kay Jewelers. I happened to notice that they had some great things for Father’s Day. This was really exciting to me because it’s not the typical place that I would think of to get jewelry for men. It turns out that they have an awesome selection! I saw men’s cufflinks, rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, dog tags, key chains and more. Most of these are customizable and can be personalized with names, colored stones, initials, and numbers.

If you are wanting to order something, I would do so by June 6th. If you order by this date, it is guaranteed that your items will arrive in time for Father’s Day. Make your dad feel special and check out some of these awesome pieces!


Wanelo Has Great Products for Guys, Too!



I was spending my evening broswing around Wanelo, which is one of my newest hobbies. I love this website because they have a ton of great products that link to websites where they can actually be purchased (whereas with Pinterest, you can be linked to almost any website that’s not always legitimate!)

Well anyway, I always thought of Wanelo as a website that had mostly clothes for women, kids and of course products for the home (my absolute FAVORITE). However, I discovered tonight on my homepage that they actually have a ton of great guys products. They have an entire category dedicated to menswear and have a ton of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and so much more.

Are you on Wanelo? If so, share some of your favorite products and categories on here!

Find a Unique Ring Among These Men’s Custom Wedding Rings





There is so much focus on women when it comes to jewelry and not enough attention on the guys! I found a company that creates custom designed rings. That’s right, custom rings means that they fit YOUR style and personality. Check out their selection of unique rings for guys!  Here are my top 5 picks:

1. I love how modern this ring looks. It has unique squared edges with simple diamonds on each edge.

simone and son- mens unique 2


2. This black diamond ring is very sleek looking. I’ve never seen a black diamond ring before and that’s why I love this one!


simone and son- mens unique 3

3. This ring is super masculine-looking. I love how the line of diamonds going through the center looks.


simone and son-mens unique 1

4. I’ve never seen a blue sapphire men’s wedding band before and I love this one! It’s modern, sleek and masculine all in one and I can’t get enough.


simone and son-mens unique 4

5. This celtic-looking ring is very vintage looking and unique. The detailing on it is great!


simone and son-mens unique 5

Mens jewelry

When I got married, I went the route of the more traditional and standard mens rings. I don’t know if these rings were available when I was getting married back in 2003. This tungsten ring is just one of the new fashions in mens jewelry . This thing is absolutely gorgeous. One of the first things I notice when I look at this is the color. I’ve seen white gold rings, but white gold has a different shine to it. This tungsten ring doesn’t shine which makes it stand out more to me. Embedded along the center are a series of black diamonds. I used to work for an insurance company during my summers off during college, and one of my jobs was to fill out forms detailing people’s insurance policies on rings. Needless to say, I got to know the various options when it comes to womens and mens rings. And one of the things I found most interesting was the different colors of diamonds. There’s more than just the standard white. The value of a colored diamonds is evident in this particular ring. While black is a very alluring color for women, it also is a very masculine color to me. I could see someone like Vin Diesel wearing this and it making him look even tougher, if that’s possible.