Keep Calm and Boat On: A Great Shirt for Dad

boatMy dad and I love to go boating together. Ever since I can remember, we take every opportunity possible during the summer to go out on the boat whether it be to relax and kick our feet up, do some water sports with other family members, or throw a line in the water and fish. In fact, it’s hard for me to see a lake and not think of all of the amazing times that we’ve had out on the water.

Since Father’s Day is coming up next month, I decided to give my dad this shirt that says “Keep Calm and Boat On” as one of his gifts. I think he’ll really like it and I’m sure he’ll wear it out on our next boating excursion!

Great Gear Sale at Cabela’s

cabelasCabela’s is one of my favorite places to go. Even though I am not huge into hunting and camping, I still like to see all of the gear (and the huge display of animals in the middle of our local Cabela’s store). They also have a place to eat in ours and always have fudge and other yummy treats!

Right now, Cabela’s is having a “Great Gear Sale”. I’m not really sure how long this sale is going on for, but I’m really wanting to head in this week sometime and check it out with my guy! I still owe him a birthday present, so I think it would be easier to just have him pick something out (and it would help me out if it were on sale!).

I think he’ll really like this tackle box!

I Love This Rolling Snow Pusher



When I was younger, I never really had to do chores outside of the home. My family was pretty old-fashioned and my father was always the one to do things outside such as mow the lawn, shovel snow, landscape, aerate the lawn, etc. My mother was always the one to do the laundry, keep the inside of the house tidy, and cook the meals. Doesn’t it seem like I grew up in the 1920’s? That’s how my parents were brought up though, so they didn’t know any different!

I always thought that shoveling the snow looked the worst. My dad doesn’t have the best back in the world from the injury he suffered from in college. I wish I would’ve been able to find this product about 20 years ago! This is a rolling snow pusher and it takes a lot of the hard work out of shoveling.

Splashmat For The Outdoor Lover!



Lately, we’ve been spending time outside nonstop. I’ve been going through bottles and bottles of sunscreen and I’m okay with that. It’s been a blast doing something out of the ordinary and building memories at places we love.

Alex’s family has a cabin on a lake and we’ve been going there all of the time. It’s so much fun to pack up, load up the dogs, and just get away for the weekend. When I found this Splashmat, I knew it was just what the cabin needed.

This is like a floating island with so many functions. Up to 8 adults can fit on it and you can lay out and tan on it, jump into the water from it, or even slide on it! This product also has other items that can go with it: the climbing water tower and the Inflatable Water Park!

Grilling Accessories

This is such a handy little grill light. We found it while shopping around for some pool accessories and my husband wanted to try it out. We grill outdoors six out of seven days a week, and on the weekends eating is never on schedule. We have late night parties between us and our kids, and people get hungry at night. You would be amazed at how much people will eat at midnight after swimming the whole day.

The light can pivot around the grill, and you can actually see what you are cooking and to see what needs more time and what is done. You can mount the light right on to your grill and it’s really easy to use. If you know a man that loves to grill, this is a great gift to give. It really does come in handy late at night or even just a closer look at what you are grilling. My husband loves it and uses it all the time now.