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They have some great options for men and a magazine subscription makes for an awesome gift. Some titles that guys seem to like include: Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Entertainment, TIME, Travel + Leisure, Men’s Health, Field & Stream, National Geographic, Maxim, Handyman, Popular Mechanics, and more.

Check out some of the awesome deals here, you’ll be super glad you did. You might even find something for yourself!

Cinco de Mayo Sale on Magazine Subscriptions

blog-magI love This is my preferred place to start a new magazine subscription as well as to re-new existing subscriptions.

I not only get subscriptions for myself on this site, but get them as gifts for others. If you know a guy that likes magazines, then check out their selection. They have a ton of great titles including Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health, Field & Stream, ESPN, Rolling Stone, TV Guide, Maxim, Forbes, Handyman, and many more.

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A Great and Funny Read



There’s almost nothing I love more than a great read. Whether it’s suspense, a quick and easy “beach read”, a romance novel, a non-fiction, or a comedy book–I love them all and will give them all a chance!

I love the first Anchorman movie and I’m super excited to go see the second one in theaters. Will Ferrell is one of my favorite actors and comedians so you can imagine my excitement when I saw that there was a “Ron Burgundy” book coming out. It’s called “Let Me Off At The Top“. It’s an autobiography (which is not one of my typical reads) but it got my attention. I got my guy this as one of his Christmas gifts and decided to pick it up one night and read a little bit out of it. I laughed so hard in the 20 minutes that I read it that I just had to go out yesterday and pick up a copy for myself!


A Reading Nook for My Nephew


So even though my nephew is not a “man” yet, as he is only 2 and a half years old, I’m still posting this. Call the blog police, but this idea was too great not to share! This is some shopping that will be done for a BOY. ;)

I found a DIY project to make a reading nook for my nephew when he comes over to our house. He usually comes a couple times a week because his parents work opposite work schedules as us and we like to spend time with him.

We got a couple of bean bag chairs to make it really cozy. For the book shelving, we went to Ikea and got a bunch of spice rack shelves. These are inexpensive and fit books perfectly! This takes up so much less room than a bookshelf and you are able to see all of the books on display.