Massages in Huntington Beach Aren’t Just for Men

Young Man Enjoying Massage At SpaThere are so many benefits to getting a regular massage. Massage therapy improves circulation, energy, sleep, metabolism, mood, the immune system, and decreases pain, stress, blood pressure and tension. With all of those benefits, how can you go wrong?

My favorite place to go for massages in Huntington Beach is CloudMover Day Spa. I love going here for a massage because there are so many different options for massage, that you don’t just have to get a regular massage (unless you prefer them!).  They have a special Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage that I love! It’s unique and I walk out feeling like I just took a two week vacation.

Massages make great gifts for guys. A gift certificate can be given for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or other fun occasion!

The Greatest Massage Chair Topper Ever



I am already starting to look around for Christmas gifts. Is that crazy of me? A little, yes, but really what did you expect!? I’m a planner and I HATE leaving stuff for the last-minute. So on December 21st, you won’t see me out in the crazy-busy stores fighting people off for deals but instead at home, tucked in my bed, relaxing and enjoying the falling snow.

Alex is ALWAYS asking me to rub his back. I wish I could say that I enjoyed doing this, but I really don’t. So I thought that this TheraSpa Massage Chair Topper would be a perfect gift for him. It can set right on the cough and he can get a massage while he’s watching his favorite TV shows! I’m probably going to have to use it a little bit, too. :)