All The Fall Athletic Gear You Could Need at Eastbay

blog-eastbayI feel like summer is quickly coming to an end and fall is fast approaching. This is easily my favorite season of the entire year. I love being able to put on a big sweater, leggings and my favorite pair of boots and cozy up! I love Sundays with the Crock-Pot on while watching football, pumpkin carving, and so much more.

Fall sports are also the greatest! They are starting soon (if not already), and Eastbay has all of the gear that you need. They also have plenty of things for back to school, including those perfect pair of gym shoes or “school shoes” (as I got a pair every August for the upcoming school year–my favorite!)

Enjoy the many great upcoming things of fall, including the awesome sports gear from Eastbay!

Dick’s Sporting Goods Has a Great Selection

blog-nikeI love it when I find a store that has it all. This is true when it comes to Dick’s Sporting Goods. They have so many different products for sporting goods and cover a wide variety of sports. They have things for runners, football players, golfers, outdoorsmen, basketball players, baseball players, tennis and racquetball players, hockey players and so much more!

Right now, Dick’s Sporting Goods has a ton of things for back-to-school and fall sports. They of course have things for women and girls, too, by the way… this is just a “men’s shopping blog” so I wanted to target the right audience!

Fifa’s Official Website is The Best Stop For the World Cup

blog-wcFirst of all, Happy Independence Day to you all! I hope you are having a safe and happy holiday and that you’re enjoying this day in whatever you may be doing.

Something I will be doing today besides grilling out and watching fireworks is checking out some World Cup games. The 2014 World Cup is taking place in Brazil this year and it’s been awesome to watch so far. I frequently check out the official Fifa website, which is the headquarters for all of the latest news, stats and information. If there are some sports fans in your life, have them hop on over and check this site out. It provides great coverage when I am unable to tune into a game!

ESPN is a Great Magazine, Channel and Website!

blog-espnMy guy loves sports of all kinds. If he is not watching them or talking about them, he is playing them.

This is why ESPN is perfect for him. The channel is pretty much always on our TV and the ESPN website is our homepage on our computer. He gets a magazine in the mail every month to top it all off. They have the greatest sports coverage and other sports sources.

I have to admit that I used to get sick of this sports love, but I’ve really learned to like it. There are quite a few sports that I’ve gotten to share a passion for and it’s pretty fun!

Lids Has More Hats Than He’ll Know What to Do With!

Does your guy have a lot of hats? I feel like mine wears hats all of the time! Thank goodness he doesn’t wear them when we go out to eat or go to church, so he at least seems to have a grasp as to when it is appropriate to wear a hat and when it’s not.


Lids has a great selection of all types of hats and it’s one of his go-to places for hats.

Lids also has an extension to the company called “Locker Room” and they carry shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys and other great accessories. If you decide to shop online, everything ships for a flat rate of $4.99 which is great. I love knowing that I can load my cart FULL of stuff and only pay $5 to ship it all!

Do you see hats and accessories for your favorite sports team on Lids?