Industrial Exhibits That He Will Love

Expo-3 Trade Show Exhibit


When I find something that I know my guy will like, I try to find out more about it and share it with him. He does the same for me and I really appreciate it! Knowing this, I do the same.

I found this company that specializes in the design and creation of  industrial exhibits. I’ve been to a couple of trade shows with my guy so I knew he would appreciate this.

Have you ever been to a trade show? The first time I went to one I was kind of dreading it because I didn’t know what to expect. However, now that I’ve gone to a couple I really enjoy seeing what each company has to offer. It’s also fun because a lot of the shows involve travel of some type to get there and I’m always looking for reasons to travel!

He Can Train His Memory While He Travels



My guy always has to travel for work. I get a little tired of it and so does he. He runs out of things to do on the long, boring plane ride. I’ve gotten him a couple of handheld video games and he seems to enjoy them. It gives him something to do at the airport while he waits to board the plane as well as once they take off into flight.

I found this Memory Trainer and it looks like a lot of fun. This definitely looks like something that Alex would like and I can’t wait to order it. This is a fun way to boost brain power and entertain. There are a dozen games that come in this one trainer. All of them are designed to boost different parts of the brain.

Do you know anybody that would like this? I sure do!

A GPS So He Doesn’t Have to Stop for Directions



Last weekend, Alex and I decided to take a road trip and camp at this amazing place about three hours away from home. We packed a cooler with plenty of delicious food and yummy drinks and were excited to get away from home for the weekend.

All was going well, until we took a wrong turn. We ended up in a town that we didn’t intend to and being a MAN, Alex just couldn’t bear to stop for directions. Is this a trait that all guys share? It’s super annoying!

We finally made it but as soon as we got home, I hopped on my computer and looked at GPS systems. If you know any guy that also doesn’t like to stop and ask for directions, check out the selection on Amazon. They’re having a great sale just in time for Father’s Day! 

I Love to Travel

I have always loved to travel. Going cross country has always been my thing but lately I’ve been thinking about international travel. With this in mind, I’ve been looking at some cool travel related items that I want to either get for myself or receive as a gift.

The next few blog posts will give you a glimpse at some of the cool stuff I found!